ABC7 News Coverage Of Glyphosate In Wine

ABC7 News Coverage Of Glyphosate In Wine
Dan Noyes investigates the Moms Across America report showing all ten wines tested positive for glyphosate/Roundup weedkiller. Interviewed: scientists Michael Antoniou and lab owner Bruce Hemming, a CA vinegrower, a Monsanto scientist, as well as Mom Zen Honeycutt, Exec director of Moms Across America.

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  1. Jessica Denning says:

    Thank you for covering this important story, which uncovers the shocking truth – that our next bite of food  could contain Roundup.
    Every wine sample, breast milk samples, bagels, oatmeal, bread and feeding tube formulas for hospitalized infants, all contained Roundup weedkiller.
    Thank you to Zen Honeycutt and Moms Across America, for paying for these laboratory tests, when the EPA and USDA have refused to.  Roundup is the most used weedkiller in America, and Roundup resistant superweeds now claim 100 million acres of farmland, as a direct result.
    This is an urgent call for all Americans to eliminate the use of Roundup weedkiller on lawns and gardens and farms. 
    We now see the death in America of nearly half of our bees every year, and the death of 95% of our Monarch butterflies and many other of our pollenators which make our food possible.
    A dandelion is not a death sentence.. it is a lovely addition to a salad or dinner. Whereas, Roundup is a death sentence for so many of God’s creatures.
    As a science teacher, I witness every legislator signed into law, provisions of Epi-pens for EVERY California school, as a band-aid solution to our children who have been going into anaphylactic shock from a single bite of food in classrooms and lunchrooms. Teachers and staff are being trained to bring our children back from the brink of death after they experience fatal food allergies. In America, many of our crops are even being harvested by spraying with Roundup. This is called the ‘Death Harvest,’ and several days later the grains, beans, seeds, are harvested dry and ‘ripe.’
    It is time to rethink the wisdom of spraying poison on our food and soils as this well-done report shows. 
    Vote with your dollar for an organic world, and for the health of your own family.

  2. Jim Montgomery says:

    Thank you so much for covering this very important topic. As the scientific evidence continues to mount on the dangers of glyphosate to our health and environment, I see the parallels to DDT and PCBs, both chemicals that Monsanto told us was safe. Looks like history is repeating itself again. This is what investigative journalism and the news should look like, thank you Dan Noyes and the rest of the ABC7 news team for educating the public and raising awareness. I look forward to further updates.

  3. William Olkowski says:

    And then there are the combinations of chemicals including the mixture that is in the products called roundup. Monsanto is a danger to all life on the planet and should be nationalized and closed.

  4. sharon larsen says:

    Thank you ABC for bringing this to the fore front. Could you also look into glyphosate in Pediasure,a meal replacement prescribed your children who are underweight, and for children with cerebral palsy with who use g-tubes. I would so appreciate it because my gran child is one of them.

  5. Joyce Glasgow says:

    ABC, Thank you for this critically important information and for covering this! Could we please have a list of the specific brands of wine that tested positive for Glyphosate? Do you have information on other countries that ban use of this dangerous herbicide and others on wine grapes? Are there other regions of the United States or in California that are avoiding use of Glyphosate and that can be tested for safety please? Was one of the wines tested an “organic” brand, and if so, how did it become contaminated? By physical proximity to conventional, sprayed vineyards? Thank you!

  6. Ben Hadd says:

    How much Glyphosate is in meat, grains, and dairy? I would assume that those concentrations are high given that human and animal feces has it in it.

  7. Gloria Lewis says:

    There was a second segment to this report showing how grapes were being grown without herbicides but, it was pulled.  Hmm, possibly a advertisement customer wasn’t too happy about this?  Also remember folks that Professor Seralini said that the “other” ingredients were a thousand times more dangerous than glyphosate.”  See Zen’s interview with Seralini.  Fyi:  “Often referred to as “inert” or “other” ingredients, additives can make up as much as 80 percent of a pesticide product. The EPA usually doesn’t require companies to study these ingredients when registering pesticides for sale, so they are often included in products without being tested for safety.  This lack of safety testing can have significant consequences. A number of scientific studies have shown that the mixture of “inert” ingredients with active pesticide ingredients can cause health problems that the active ingredients do not cause on their own. These mixtures can damage the nervous system, heart and blood vessels, and genetic material like our DNA.”

  8. jacques brierre says:

    Effing great! I am of the opinion that CEO and chief legal counsel should be administered a daily dose or 3 since it’s harmless. Same with for Agent Orange, water from Flint, MI. etc. Those defending it should prove it.

  9. Buddha Cat says:

    Well, I guess it’s time to stop drowning my fears in that nightly glass of California malbec…and get something from Argentina instead. 😉

  10. Bill Scheffler says:

    The thousands of industry funded studies are all less than 90 days. That’s because the problems show up after 90 days.

  11. firefoxhits says:

    Its time to clean house at the EPA and the entire CORRUPT INDUSTRY-CONTROLLED USA GOVERNMENT.

  12. G. Wayne says:

    Grow your own fruit and make your own wines and champagnes and avoid the expensive in between people who live different lives than we support.

  13. Isabel Cohen says:

    Thanks EPA! There are no safe levels of glyphosate and you know it!!! You don’t care at all that it’s in mothers’ breast milk, and just about everything we eat and drink? Why don’t you care? I thought you were created to protect your citizens, not industry!

  14. GroomLeader says:

    That POS mouthpiece for Monsanto can STFU. Monsanto is nothing but Liars, and the lying lies they lie.

  15. kc30058 says:

    Monsanto is way more powerful than you think.  They wrote a law the our congress approved for them not to be sued for health issues.  They are all over the globe and people are protesting them vigorously in some countries and a few states in the U.S. They have bought off the U.S. entire govt, national & local.  They don’t even mention Monsanto in any news coverage on CNN or Fox because they can be sued for it.  I truly believe they are not only trying to control our population but also feeding the Big Pharma industry cancer & kidney patients for as long as humans exist.  They are more dangerous than any war could ever be.

  16. frampthechamp says:

    Glyphosate is a probable carcinogen, that’s something to be worried about in your glass of wine eh? I’m not hearing any complaints from Moms Across America about the other definite carcinogen present in the wine — alcohol.

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