Alco-Haul: Celebrity Wines

Alco-Haul: Celebrity Wines

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  1. glennl78 says:

    You should have tried Caduceus Cellars wines, it is owned and operated by the lead singer of Tool, Maynard James Keenan. Incase you don’t know Tool was a heavy Metal/Rock band of the 90’s. Love the vid’s keep it up. Cheers


    You deserve more views! Tipsy brought me here but I like what I saw, cheers to more wine

  3. Beardinc says:

    Hi Whitney, Would you maybe consider doing a top 5 or whatever of Canadian wines? I know we’re pretty obscure up here but I feel the wine is pretty damn good! I am from BC so I am partial to local wines but would love to see your opinion on what Canada brings to the table. Thanks

  4. Dom Paul says:

    Subbed. Have u tried Madonna’s wine? I am eager to try that cuz her dad’s a winemaker. Her fave champagne is Krug rosé, which I’ve had, and it’s pretty Fukn good. LOOOOOVE your videos.

  5. aldeshsa says:

    I don’t know how I ended up here but I’m glad I did. I don’t give a crap about wine but I like your attitude and personality. Subscribed.

  6. Jukka-Pekka Tuominen says:

    How is SkinnyGirl a celebrity product? They don’t have where I live so I only know what I could read online. A celebrity makes the wine?

  7. N The One says:

    “Mangria” “Brosé”
    omg the shitty puns
    it sounds like the guy who’s at every party but nobody wants him there because he’s always saying weird stuff and being an asshole with girls.

  8. Prime DirectiveTV says:

    How did I know know this hilarious insightful woman existed on the internet?! So happy to be a new subbie!

  9. drgonzo212 says:

    10:01 …….. Stop doing that thing with your head. It makes you look like a fucking idiot. Also, your lighting is horrible. Oh yeah, and those jump cuts….. They’re played out, and not to mention, a super lazy way or producing content.

  10. Vincent Doan says:

    Stephen Amell Makes great wines at nocking point wines in Washington. i would love to see a review on their wines.

  11. gomgomboy says:

    wah canu design me a wine list for red? for white i have la crema char, loosen bros riesling, kim craw sauvignon and J pinot gris. my red r ravenz wood zin, de loach merlot, bogle cab and mark west pinot

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