April Wine – Electric Jewels

April Wine – Electric Jewels
Great April WIne song from the album “Electric Jewels” from 1973.

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  1. Dylan Cormier says:

    When I was growing up as a boy .I was blown away with the Beatles, Stones etc.
    But these guys [April Wine] influence me to play in a Band when my family move to N.B. Canada from Boston, Mass. These guys rock still today. So sad that thier early stuff didn’t reach Stateside til later in their career. so many great tunes from thier earlier albums. Rock on April Wine

  2. Murray Donovan says:

    I seen April Wine for the 8’th time a couple years back. Miles Goodwin’s son has diabetes pretty bad he was saying. As I go through the old songs it surprises me how many great songs they had they gave us. Cheers to April Wine! We always love you in the Maritimes!

  3. dean guenther says:

    I agree!! This was their masterpiece, as in complete recording. This record hit our house when I was ten and I waited patiently for many years for that second sign of brilliance which ended up just been power cords and only a few good songs. R.I.P. Jim Clech.

  4. MrBuckwilliam says:

    this is one of those musical pieces that i wish would just carry on for hours. the end of the song always has me wanting more… april wine provided the soundtrack for many of my teen times, good bad, pleasant and sad

  5. Spaceybb Cybernet says:

    Yes I agree that this is one complete masterpiece top be listened to from beginning to end..like Sgt Pepper  or Abbey Road../but then so was their debut album Wine Feet

  6. prolitify says:

    They love the taste of blood, and I don’t know what that means, but I know that I mean it

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