April Wine – Sign Of The Gypsy Queen

April Wine – Sign Of The Gypsy Queen
Video from the Nature of the Beast

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  1. Grant Milford says:

    When I brought home Nature of the Beast my mom saw their name and thought they were light Air Supply lol

  2. William moughon says:

    This is what real , no holds barred, rock and roll sounds like! I have always thought they were an extremely underrated band!

  3. Sanctaprax 11 says:

    Whoa … flashbacks at the end there. A little too much chemical recreation in my youth!

  4. Dylan Gilbertson says:

    “i like rush as much as the next guy. the song gypsy queen is fucking awesome, i listen to it all the time”


  5. Mark David says:

    If the southern rock band Outlaws were a metal band this is who they would be..First guitarist reminds me of Hughie..Guitar Army live on..

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