Armenian Winery Is Oldest Found To Date

Armenian Winery Is Oldest Found To Date
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“Scientists have discovered the world’s oldest known winery, secreted amid dozens of prehistoric graves in a cavern in Armenia, an international research team said Tuesday.

Outside a mountain village still known for its wine-making skill, archaeologists unearthed a large vat set in a platform for treading grapes, along with the well-preserved remains of crushed grapes, seeds and vine leaves, dating to about 6,100 years ago—a thousand years older than other comparable finds.”

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  1. armenaguz says:

    @Hayaserforeveer Skzbic himnavorem im asacnere vor anteghi viravorankner chgres. Arajin hertin, inch kap uni vortegha 6 kam 8 hazar tari araj ginin kam garejure patrastvel? Ain zhamanak voch aisorva Hayastane kar, vochel aisorva hayere. mi moraci te mi kani hazar tarva mej azgere inchkan en kharnvel irar het… Yerkrorde, bolor azgere voronk aisor kan, kareli e asel vor “survive” en arel, kani vor minchev aisor mnacel en. ughaki mez tvum a vor “we are special”… but actually every nation is!

  2. armenaguz says:

    @Hayaserforeveer please understand that its not our pride that helped us survive, but our human normal survival instincts, just like any other nation’s or any animal species’… yes hpartem vor hayem, baic yes chem karcum vor haye inch vor banov lavna urish azgeric, tekuz mer harevanneric. amen azg arzhanie linelu, baic aveli karevore mard linele yev haskanale, vor bolors mek azgenk ashkharhum yev bolor azgernel “urishnen”. nacionalisme misht khangarel e yev khangarelu e arajadimutyan! peace!

  3. ZeeGooner says:

    @armenaguz well you’ve fallen into this new age ” we are all the same trap crap” the Armenians at this period like all peoples on earth during this period were not a nation.. but tribes.. what made them form into a nation in the first place? why didn’t we all at that period say ” we are all the same” they wanted unity.. they wanted representation of their group as a whole as a NATION.. they wanted hierarchy to the most powerful man in their tribe the KING.. your hippy naive mentality is foolish

  4. armenaguz says:

    @ZeeGooner What you call “New Age Crap”, I call “Social Evolution”. Yes, since the prehistoric times humans gathered in groups and gradually started dividing each other and proclaiming their land. And so these wars continued and still do… And the wars will never end till we understand that humans are one nation and all religions are one and all are one… I AM naive and this probably will never happen thanks to human weaknesses and insecurities…

  5. armenaguz says:

    @ZeeGooner The difference between you and me is that the discovery about the oldest winery makes me proud of Armenian nation, but even more for the human race, while for you it brings up the Armenian nation above others and you start comparing yourself with others who in your opinion are not as “good” as you… I’ll quote William Ralph Inge, cause he said it wonderfully: “A nation is a society united by a delusion about its ancestry and by common hatred of its neighbours.”

  6. ZeeGooner says:

    @armenaguz oh okay so according to you then we should disregard the Armenian Alphabet as well as our language and just speak English and use English, since we as a world are a nation? do you see why this will never work..

    people like you are the most dangerous things to culture and society.. you call it social evolution.. i call it social devolution.. soon enough we will all watch mtv as well, and our young girls or boys will be exposed to drugs and moronic people from a young age. peon.

  7. ZeeGooner says:

    @armenaguz distinct cultures.. distinct unique nations.. is what MAKES US HUMANS.. if we didn’t have that we would be the most blank specimens.. do Lions ever wonder around with wolves? no.. do chickens naturally ever wonder about with mice? no

    even nature proves the point.. if you think making a zoo out of this world if great.. then fine by me.. but i almost guarantee you it will be the exact opposite of utopia

    as for your empty quotes.. i could care less what an old grumpy dude had to say.

  8. MRKVATI says:

    @HeyHoSpirit Read this: “Dr. McGovern and his colleagues analyzed the heritage of more than 110 modern grape cultivars, and narrowed their origin to a region in Georgia, where also wine residues were discovered on the inner surfaces of 8,000-year-old ceramic storage jars in Shulavari, Georgia.”

  9. MRKVATI says:

    @armenaguz Totally agree your thoughts. I love and respect your kind of open-minded people.

  10. MRKVATI says:

    @HeyHoSpirit Earliest known winery may have been found in Armenian cave, but the oldest wine-making tradition and possibility of producing it was discovered in Georgia and these ceramic storage jars which are 8,000 years old easily can be used as a proof.

  11. MRKVATI says:

    @HeyHoSpirit Sorry but didn’t get your idea behind the text. ( Refers to the second comment )


    @HeyHoSpirit man have you ever drunck armenian whine, smell, palate likes peac of sheet
    wrote that story about “ancient armenian whine” and doesnot found the 2 words: ” whine acid”
    whine acid is component which consists only whine and nothing more. there fond only acid phosphatase
    consisting into fruits and grapes.
    you know differ the armenians georgian have very hendsom man
    so shut the fuck up.

  13. keghamminas says:

    I am not surprised by this discovery , it matches with all discoveries of the most
    ancient civilization in Armenia like in astrology and oldest writing(the pictograms),
    personaly , for me ,the Armenian wine is one of the best , natural ,cotaining the
    ingrediants of Armenia’s earth and sun.May i add as well having seen ancient
    huge jars that supposed to contain beer in the national Armenian museum.

  14. Cilician Eraz says:


    soooon Mr Azerbaijanis will convince themselves that the winy belongs to them ( like everything else Armenia has even the flag)
    tell me if I am wrong…

  15. sylva portoian says:

    This is very old song in Armenian

    Lezhnenk Engerner kavatnere lee
    Togh hayozh kenen
    Mez anoosh lene

    Friends let us fill our cups full of wine
    Let Armenian wine
    give good appetite

  16. sylva portoian says:

    This is very old song in Armenian

    Lezhnenk Engerner kavatnere lee
    Togh hayozh kenen
    Mez anoosh lene

    Friends let us fill our cups
    full of wine
    Let Armenian wine
    give good appetite

  17. BeautySavesWorld says:


    Armenians are also genrtically closest relatives of Europeans 😉

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