Ashes And Wine – A Fine Frenzy

Ashes And Wine – A Fine Frenzy
The song ‘Ashes and Wine’ by A Fine Frenzy (Alison Sudol), with lyrics.

There are some errors in the lyrics:

– ‘I’ll drown in my tears don’t they see’ should be ‘I’ll drown in my tear storming sea’

– ‘The day’s still ashes and wine’ should be ‘Reduced to ashes and wine’

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  1. Celene Medina says:

    That will make u hurt like me 🙁

    This is deep!!!

    To those who seem to think I’m perfect no no I’m so not.

    ( deepest sorrows)

  2. Switalish says:

    To the love of my life
    God I miss you. letting you go was my biggest mistake.. I wish i fought harder for you to stay. I wish I did more while I had you. there was so much I wanted to do with you and I wish I still could. I’d give everything to be yours again.

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