Australian Table Wine

Australian Table Wine
Eric Idle is your tour guide through some of the lesser Australian wines. From “Monty Python’s Previous Record.” Visit us on-line at

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  1. Louis Emery says:

    For 30 years whenever somebody uses the word aftertaste, I think of this sketch. Thank you Monty Python.

  2. Bods says:

    I grew up not really liking the programme. I much preferred the albums which I found to be condensed, finer polished, versions of the best of…   
    Also, the non-telly stuff was regularly good quality.

    What we didn’t know then was that the Aussies would go on to make cracking wine.

  3. stevearle says:

    So funny that I can’t believe after 40 odd years it (they) are still this good  ’cause no offence comics but comedy does not travel nearly as well as  King Music….sorry it just is…. except M. Python that is.
    I love the way in this piece Idle slips in the Aussy accent every once in a while like- “…they were fishing them out of the main sewers every half an hour”.
    Da Beatles of laughs.

  4. Marc Vun Kannon says:

    Love this sketch. I’ve been using these wines regularly in my fanfiction stories, just as an in-joke. Nobody gets them, alas. It’s terrible how time swallows up so many good things.

  5. Brendan Richards says:

    “…which has a bouquet like an Aborigine’s armpit.”

    Monty Python doesn’t often do punchlines.

    But when they do, they REALLY hit the spot!

  6. Paul Sproat says:

    When I began university 40 years ago, guys had the albums in our dorm. I didn’t really enjoy it. That summer I saw Olympic Hide and Seek on the Flying Circus and I was hooked. To this day, I own all of the albums, some cassette’s and CDs and probably quote the lads daily. Best comedy ever.

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