Automatic Bottling Line For Still Wines, Light Sparkling Wines And Sparkling Wines

Automatic Bottling Line For Still Wines, Light Sparkling Wines And Sparkling Wines
Automatic bottling line for still wines, light sparkling wines and sparkling wines into glass bottles at the speed of 10.000 bph (with sparkling wines) and 14.000 bph (with still wines).
The line performs automatically the rinsing, the filling and the corking with natural corks.
It is possible to use both still wine corks and sparkling wine corks. In the latter case, also the wirehooding is made automatically.

As alternative to the natural corks it is possible to use aluminium screw caps of different sizes.

The rinsing machine is equipped with 54 grippers, the filling machine is equipped with 72 filling valves, the corking machine is equipped with 9 heads, the capping machine is equipped with 8 heads, the wirehooding machine is equipped with 12 heads.

All the phases of the filling process and the relative times are user settable from the operator control panel (maximum flexibility). The cycle times do not depend on the machine speed.

The regulation of the product level in the bottle is automatic and controlled from the PLC. A large fill height variation is obtained without the requirement for parts replacement

The filling valve permits to perform a dedicated filling specific for the different filling products. For example, still wines can be filed at a very low pressure in the bowl.

Guaranteed low oxygen pickup (high quality during the filling process) with possibility of separate return of the gas from the bottle

The C.I.P. cleaning cycles are completely automatic both for short cycles (for example at the product changeover) and for long cycles (for example at the end of the working cycle). The cleaning operations can use a fixed station for the wine recovery and filling valve washing, or automatic dummy bottles both in the drainage and the application under the filling valves. Moreover, the machine is connected to an automatic microfiltration and washing plant.

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