Biodynamic Wine, Farming | GOOD

Biodynamic Wine, Farming | GOOD
Biodynamic wines, you may have heard about them. But do you know what they are? Learn how vineyards like Grgich Winery in Napa Valley are crafting wine that is wholly part of the natural environment, with innovative sustainable farming practices and no outside pesticides or chemicals used in the process.

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  1. SpadesHeart says:

    almost perfect, other than the cow manure- but you can’t really cut that corner and expect the same results unfortunately.

  2. Sworldpeas says:

    I see you are irrigating your vines. Do you know what the water footprint of your wine is? On average, if you yield 5 tons per acre it averages out to 90 gallons of water per bottle.

  3. rapeandgetawaywithit says:

    Fuck your vineyard, some immigrant from Croatia has better chance of making it in California, than a Mexican immigrant. Why dont mexican and blacks own any vineyards? They’ve been in Cali forever, but you come here and have it better than most locals. . . fucking one percenter

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