Boy Breaks Wine Glass With Voice

Boy Breaks Wine Glass With Voice
This is a video of me breaking a wine glass with only my voice. I saw it on Mythbusters and tried it. No, the straw does not help the glass break (try beating a glass with a plastic straw). It just will start to jump around when you hit the right note.

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  1. EMIL12314 says:

    i am not one to critique beacuse i havent accomplished to break glass with my voice, but with a sound meter, a youtube video (or program) and a voice, follow these steps and you can make this any time.put a hertz video on youtube and when the glass vibrates the most you will know that the frequency the video is showing is the best frequency to break the glass, then try screaming into the sound meter and it will tell you the frequency of your voice, knowing this you can mimic the frequency
    that the video told you that the glass will break, if you accomplish that just make the sound/frequency that the glass will break and it will.

  2. Tori Partida says:

    everyone’s like congrats kid and I’m like over here like congrats mom you didn’t get mad at the kid for breaking your china

  3. young yun says:

    Why do i hear a wining baby in the back ground and why do people always but straws in there win

  4. KILLERGAMER1244 says:

    No big deal his family is getting ripped apart by the devil the devil raped a parrot good times good times

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