Catching Crawdads! LT Wright Gary Wines Bushcrafter REVIEW

Catching Crawdads! LT Wright Gary Wines Bushcrafter REVIEW
I test out this classic designed cutting tool by making some fish traps from discarded plastic soda bottles then use the knife to make a one stick fire from a cottonwood log. we also get a live performance by composer Cuervo Negro.

link to Kathleens LT Wright Bushcrafter review:

link to crayfish catching and cooking:

Link to Cuervo Negro music:

filmed in the El Paso, Texas/Cloudcroft, New Mexico area, Chihuahuan Desert. Survival, Self-Reliance, Bushcraft, Camping, Making Fire, James Harris. Original music by Cuervo Negro. Junkyard Fox

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  1. Fan moefoe says:

    I just recently discovered ur channel and i really enjoy ur content. Hoping for more vids like this. U deserve a lot more subcribers, hope u’ll gain them more n more soon! Thank you!

  2. Granville J says:

    Excellent video brother how often do you visit Colorado it would be a great honor to meet you and thank you in person for what you do. Take care brother.

  3. Eternal Expiditionist Realm says:

    No, Don’t kill the crawdads first, it doesn’t kill them for about 15 seconds, live boil kills them in about 5, and they don’t feel pain

  4. Dumpster five dogs says:

    You are my favorite channel and you give me really cool ideas to try thanks

  5. Harrison Blackwood says:

    The music was over powering and distracting. Otherwise another great video.

  6. Solem Aris says:

    So glad I found this channel…cool videos and very realistic..
    If you ever wanna come to Costa Rica and have some jungle adventures, be my guest , I live in a great area surrounded by nature, and would be great to explore and find edible plants.
    Take care and keep the good work

  7. Mermaid pearls says:

    You don’t really need to take of the whole tail just take the end of the tail of and pull the meat at the top up and that’s how I eat my food

  8. toothpistol49 says:

    You can easily remove the vein before you cook them. They have 5 little fin things at the bottom of the tail. Grab the middle one with your thumb, twist, and pull straight out. It should completely remove that long black vein. That way the tail is clean to eat right when you cook them.

  9. Hella Fancy says:

    I live in NM. where about was this? and btw new subscriber I’m on a binge session of your knife reviews!

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