Premier Wine Country Properties / Natasha Antonioni / 707-506-6272 /

Premier Wine Country Properties / Natasha Antonioni / 707-506-6272 /
Known for its enjoyable, Mediterranean climate, and world famous wines. Whether you are sipping a glass of wine at one of the many world famous wineries, or sitting on a patio enjoying a meal at a five-star restaurant, Napa Valley will make you feel like everyday is a vacation day. Great weather and exquisite wines are always in season. Napa Valley offers year round outdoor entertainment. Welcome to the legendary Napa Valley. Natasha Antonioni Napa Valleys Top Agent 707-506-6272

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How To Detect Fraudulent Wine

How To Detect Fraudulent Wine
On the day that wine counterfeiter Rudy Kurniawan is sentenced, we’ll take a look at ways for wine lovers on distinguishing fakes from the real deal. MarketWatch’s Priya Anand joins Simon Constable on the News Hub with some helpful tips. Photo: Getty

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KYADONDO EAST – Omuyambi W’omubaka Bobi Wine Yebaziza Abagaba Sente

KYADONDO EAST – Omuyambi W’omubaka Bobi Wine Yebaziza Abagaba Sente

Musician Robert Kyagulanyi popularly known as Bobi Wine recently declared his interest in running for Kyadondo East constituency as a Member of Parliament (MP).

The declaration came after the Court of Appeal upheld the lower court decision that nullified the election of FDC’s Apollo Kantinti as the representative for the said constituency.

The Electoral Commission (EC) set June 26, 2017 as the polling date for the Kyadondo East by-elections in Wakiso district.

Before the re-election occurs, I look at some of the reasons, Bobi Wine, if voted in, could turn out to be a reputable MP.

As a disclaimer, this story is not written to by someone with a decent command of political commentary so in case of any doubt in ‘facts’ stated here, don’t shoot at first sight.

Let’s get down to the reasons.

Political Background

If you listened to Bobi Wine’s song “Wendi”, you might recall two names: Nyanzi and Eddie Yawe. Both are Bobi Wine’s brothers.

Fred Nyanzi or Chairman Nyanzi (as he is commonly called) has been a local council leader in Kamokya for a quite a long time, even contending for Kampla Central Division chairmanship at some point.

Eddie Yawe has previously stood as Member of Parliament, Kira municipality losing to Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda.

Coming from a lineage of politicians, doesn’t entitle someone to leadership, but it shows you have grown up seeing exemplary leaders, who you can always run to for advice.

Family man

There are very few celebrities out there who have set an exemplary family life like Bobi Wine has.

If you check Bobi Wine’s social media pages, you won’t miss pictures where he is having a fatherly engagement with his children and wife.

They will be either at the farm looking after cows, in the plantations checking on crops, or the wife is having kids do chores.

As an MP, it doesn’t stop at representing people in parliament; you also need to show them that you have your life together right from home, which he has at least tried to do.

Of course he has also been on the wrong side, like when news made rounds that he had sired children in extra affairs, but like they say, no man is perfect.


Bobi Wine has established himself in the business circles, with some of his enterprises like Busabala beach, which is now a popular social hangout.

He even keeps company of the best in the game like Godfrey Kirumira. At one time renowned promoter Balaam Barugahara even asked fellow musicians to “emulate” him.

When you have a leader who knows how take risks like most entrepreneurs are known, then you can be sure there is hopes of development ahead.
Association with leaders

Bobi Wine has been on several occasions seen rubbing shoulders with some of the best leaders like Kizza Besigye, Betty Nambooze, a sign that he knows who to look up to.

Besides that, he has also shown that he’s self-driven and non-conformist; when other musicians were teaming up to compose a campaign song for the president – he wasn’t bothered.

A self-driven leader is the kind at 21st century society needs.


Bobi Wine and his wife Barbie Kyagulanyi have been seen in the recent past donating lots of things to schools and many other needy communities.

This is indicator of willingness to serve and a sense of empathy. In our society today, these are the kinds of leaders we want.

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LCBO Discover, Wines Of The Rhone Valley, Part 1 0f

LCBO Discover, Wines Of The Rhone Valley, Part 1 0f
France’s Rhône Valley is a wine lovers paradise. This is home to many of the grape varieties which are planted the world over. Grenache, syrah and mourvèdre have grown here for generations. In the embrace of the radiant sun, relentless mistral wind and rocky soils they produce wines that are flavourful and generous. Produced in 2009

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An Oregon Wine Grower: From Wall Street To Vineyard Farm

An Oregon Wine Grower: From Wall Street To Vineyard Farm
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Dick Shea, of Shea Wine Cellars, grows wine grapes for other specialty winemakers, and produces his own vintage wines in limited quantities. A former Wall Street executive, Shea talks about his sudden life altering decision to become a “farmer” with the purchase of 140 acres in Newberg, Oregon.

Watch the complete series on YouTube:

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Oregon 2nd Generation Wine Producers: Sokol Blosser

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If Grapes Could Talk | Verizon AgTech: Vineyard In Action: Hahn Family Wines

If Grapes Could Talk | Verizon AgTech: Vineyard In Action: Hahn Family Wines
Hahn Family Wines, established in 1980, needed a solution to manage irrigation for its vineyards. This family-owned winery is home to 650 acres of estate vineyards with roots dating back to the 1790s when Spanish missionaries realized the rare soils in Monterey, California were ideal for grapevines. Verizon worked in tandem with Hahn to install its Internet of Things (IoT) AgTech sensors to help increase the precision and better understand the irrigation needs of each block of grapevines. These sensors measure temperature, humidity, solar radiation, rain fall and wind speed, which communicate or “talk” through a gateway to the Verizon AgTech platform. Verizon’s AgTech analytic engine produces actionable irrigation recommendations based on all the data collected in the field and crop modelling.

To learn more about Verizon agriculture technology, visit

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La Rioja Wine Country, Spain

La Rioja Wine Country, Spain
La Rioja is an autonomous community and a province in Spain, located in the north of the Iberian Peninsula. Its capital is Logroño. The region is well known for its wines under the brand Origen Calificada Rioja.

The history of Rioja wine reflects a long and varied winemaking tradition in the Spanish region of La Rioja, starting with the first Phoenician settlers in 11th century BC. As with many of Europe’s most well known wine regions, the Ancient Romans founded many of the Rioja vineyards. Throughout the Middle Ages, pilgrims to the shrine of St. James at Santiago de Compostela passed through the region and carried back with them the reputation of wines from the area. The phylloxera epidemic of the late 19th century was a major catalyst in the expansion and modernization of the Rioja wine industry, with the devastation the French wine industry both opening up the French wine market and bringing an influx of French investment into the region. Today, together with Sherry, Rioja is the most internationally recognized of all Spanish wines.

The area was formerly occupied by pre-Roman Berones, Pelendones and Basques. After partial recapture to the Muslims in the early tenth century, the region became part of the Kingdom of Pamplona, later being incorporated into Castile after a century and a half of disputes. From the eighteenth century the Rioja region remained divided between the provinces of Burgos and Soria, until in 1833 the province of Logroño was created, changing the name of the province to La Rioja in 1980 as a prelude to its constitution under a single provincial autonomous community following the adoption of the Estatuto de San Millán in 1982. The first written reference in which the name Rioja appears is in the Miranda de Ebro forum in 1099.

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Design Talks | A Conversation With Michael Sorkin & James Wines

Design Talks | A Conversation With Michael Sorkin & James Wines
Michael Sorkin is an architect and urbanist whose practice spans design, criticism, and teaching. He is the principal of Michael Sorkin Studio in New York, a global design practice focused on urbanism and green architecture. James Wines is founder and president of SITE, a New York-based architectural studio chartered in 1970. Through his multidisciplinary practice, Wines develops site-specific structures that engage information about the environment, including buildings, public spaces, environmental art, landscapes, master plans, interiors, video productions, graphics, and product designs.

Join us for a conversation between National Design Award winners Michael Sorkin and James Wines, as they discuss their work and the state of public space in the urban environment today.

Free admission for Cooper-Hewitt members and students! Book now!

About the series
A vibrant conversation and presentation series, Design Talks features winners from the National Design Awards and focuses on the collaborative aspects of design. The series was started in spring 2010 by late Cooper-Hewitt Director Bill Moggridge. To view previous webcasts from the Design Talks series, visit

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Keith Jarrett – Days Of Wine And Roses

Keith Jarrett – Days Of Wine And Roses
At the Blue Note.

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Glenarty Road Wines

Glenarty Road Wines

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