Cherry Wine (live) – Hozier

Cherry Wine (live) – Hozier
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Hozier the album out now.

Shot and edited by Dara Munnis Photography

Audio recorded live by Hozier.

This recording appears on Hozier the album.

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  1. Emily K. says:

    I absolutely love him! His voice is so calming and beautiful. It’s hard to find words proper enough to describe him.

  2. filipinoemooo says:

    If you wanna get wild, listen to famous songs today.
    If you wanna be calm and rest and be at peace, you listen to Hozier

  3. Alexandra Carrilho says:

    This gives me strenght to continue playing guitar everyday (because I’m a lazy fucker)

  4. 10 Favorite Things says:

    I hate comparing artists but going to do so anyway…. He reminds me a lot of the late Nick Drake and Jeff Buckley….a story tells who relies on every aspect of their music to tell a story. Their voice, melodies, tone, are all palatable story tellers and weave a tapestry of their emotional trek through life. Like others have said, I’m glad I didn’t stop at “Take me to Church”. Although that’s a wonderful song it’s nothing compared to his other intimate songs.

  5. LtChicken says:

    do you think he untied his shoes after he got there? or did he go the whole day with his shoes untied?

  6. joaquin leon says:

    Hozier literally makes me sob his music is the most beautiful thing I have ever heard, true talent.

  7. Lea Lopez says:

    omg he is soooooo sexy… sorry i rephrase, his voice is sooo sexual. seriously the song is about abuse but he make it soo alluring

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