Creamy White Wine Chicken Feat. My Mom!

Creamy White Wine Chicken Feat. My Mom!
I have cooked with some very special guests on my channel but I had a VERY special guest in my kitchen this week…My mammy!

She shares her take on Coq au Vin Blanc aka Creamy white Wine Chicken. I was brought up on this dish and I can promise you…It’s delicious! Get the full recipe here:

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  1. Therese Christiansen says:

    I’ve subscribed to your videos and will cook your Irish stew, the cabbage pie and the coq au vin. Looks simple and easy with enough calories for our 15 year old! Thank you! Awesome channel.

  2. spoonks1 says:

    Just discovered your channel by watching your HouseTour video. I love your personality. I am officially subscribed. Can’t wait to watch more vids:)

  3. SylvanaForrester says:

    Lord I don’t even want to know the calorie count on this one. Maybe if I just have a little salad later on …

  4. Byoomholay says:

    That was beautifully presented, very natural and unpretentious.  I’ve actually made the dish and it was delicious 🙂  My thanks to you both for taking the trouble.

  5. joyofcalcutta says:

    Well, frankly it’s this video that got me to subscribe to your channel…..thanks 🙂

  6. TheAien123 says:

    Thanks Donald I tried dis recipe for my family today they love it and special thanks to ur lovely mom I really admired how u two get along… ?

  7. Peggy Phat says:

    I tried this recipe today.
    It turns out AWESOME!!!!!!!

    I love your channel ^O^

  8. Evie Hammond says:

    This was wonderful! The two of you interacting was hilarious and made it easier to pay attention and learn.

  9. William Haddon says:

    I love your Mother she is such a legend. Please do more of these videos with your Mother.

  10. Nadia Naco says:

    I’m laughing out loud here, this is a gem. Another reason to love the Irish!

  11. sahaan shyam says:

    wow that looks sow good but not that i cant have chicken but can u put any other meats in? My familys a lil over the top with seafood.

  12. Tanu Index says:

    Tried it today , and it was amazing. I just added some lemon zest and juice for more acidity, my wine wasn’t dry enough.

  13. cahillgreg says:

    sweet suffering christ – I just made this – you and your mammy are on the money

  14. Hope Hempstead says:

    Hi Donal! So I just started watching your videos (haven’t watched all of them yet) and I love your enthusiasm. If you love chicken & cream, you gotta try a delicious Hawaiian bbq marinade…coconut milk, soy sauce, sesame oil, brown sugar, tons of garlic, salt & pepper….mmhmm!!

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