Creating A Beaded Painted Wine Glass Video

Creating A Beaded Painted Wine Glass Video
I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor ( showing you how to create a beaded painted wine glass. I wanted to try to recreated one from a tutorial video, to see if it would really be as easy as the video showed.

It really was as easy as the tutorial showed it to be…I will probably be creating more. I learned I needed more beads would would use a colored paint, like gold next time.

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  1. Bonnita Barksdale says:

    Amy, Hi again. Well I just recently found you so I am watching everything that your creative, artistic hand and mind produces. I am into Peacock Feathers particularly the eye. The combination of colors in the eye of a peacock feather is so very awe inspiring. I love the flowers you paint; however since I see you stepped out of your comfort zone with this( beads and paint)  tutorial, would you be willing to create a tutorial where you paint the single peacock feather eye as your design focus. I would love to see it . I am subscribed and I look forward to see where your art will take me. So far I am enjoying the journey. Thank you so much.

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