Days Of Wine And Roses – Trailer

Days Of Wine And Roses – Trailer
Jack Lemmon and Lee Remick are unforgetable-and the title tune wins an Oscar(R) in Blake Edwards’ searing, bittersweet study of an alcoholic couple on the rocks. Year: 1962 Director: Blake Edwards Starring: Jack Lemmon, Lee Remick, Charles Bickford MPAA Rating: NOTRATED (c) 1962 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved. #Trailer #WB

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  1. kmangold67 says:

    My mom named me after Lee Remick’s character, but pronounced it KEER-sten. I Don’t think she knew at the time how intention/words/names carry such power. I am sober now but experienced a lot of pain, being married to an alcoholic and learning his ways.

  2. Jim Colyer says:

    I revisited this movie from 1962, in which Jack Lemmon and Lee Remick give two of the greatest performances ever. It is a grim portrait of alcoholism and what happens to people when they come to love booze as much or more than they love each other. I saw this movie when I was 17. It is more real to me now.

  3. Wolfsky9 says:

    IMHO, truly one THE greatest films of the 60’s. It’s harsh, stark, & unflinching–& magnificent. Both actors should have won Oscars !      Wolfsky9, 67 y/o

  4. deriter64 says:

    This will always be one of the great moments in American cinema. What it captures is beyond understanding, unless you have experienced it.

  5. gvalley07 says:

    Lee Remick should’ve won the Academy Award for this performance. Lemmon was great but his antics in the green house with the potted plants was a little too over-the-top. The final scene breaks my heart every time.

  6. Roger Regor says:

    I recall seeing this movie when it first came out. Jack Lemmon is dead. Hank Mancini, who supplied the title music, is dead. So sad.

  7. hebneh says:

    Ironic that he’s promoting a film about alcohol addiction while holding a lit cigarette that shows his real-life tobacco addiction.

  8. Andrew Watson says:

    I watched this film for the first time a year ago its great! It has not aged as much as you might think.   – I found it because the music theme by  Henry Mancini hit the charts and i was looking through the  music charts to find good instrumental music (which is sadly gone from the charts today)

  9. senorkaboom says:

    As an almost 12 year sober alcoholic, I watch this movie with a different perspective. Yes, some of the scenes are a bit over the top, but the basic message is there. I was scared to quit, but I was also scared of the consequences of not quitting. After relapsing 3 times, I finally got the message and got the help. I do not attend as many meetings as I should, but what I have learned and how I live, and the resources I have, I keep the beast at bay. If you feel you have a drinking problem, you might just have one. Please, get help. It could just save your life and the lives of others.

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