Dean Martin Original Release LITTLE OLD WINE DRINKER ME

Dean Martin Original Release LITTLE OLD WINE DRINKER ME
Dean Martin ‘Little Old Wine Drinker Me’ song. A nice storyline of photos to go along with the song….enjoy.

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  1. george burton says:

    so much class , they don’t have singers like that much — celine dion has a lot of class too though

  2. John Harrison says:

    Saw Sinatra in Las Vegas 40 years ago. The following night saw Dean. Sinatra had superb backing orchestra which complimented his great voice, but Dean Martin had the personality and style that made his performance more memorable. A true great voice and performer and up there with the greats!!

  3. Jozef nabunneke says:

    man o man wat een talent,ben nu byna 70 heel myn leven heeft hy opgevrolyk met alle liedjes

  4. John Bacon says:

    Dean for me was the performer of the pack, smooth with a little twinkle in the eye…………….. the others were all great, Sammy could pull some great impressions…………. Frank had a bit of power in his voice, and of course the films and his reputation made him the icon we know today. I guess the leader of the pack.
    Still love these old classics………. timeless.

  5. Colin Lowe says:

    Dean Martin had a voice smoother than hot chocolate being poured slowly over a velvet cushion…

  6. Paula Janney says:

    As good a singer as Mr. Dean Martin was , i’m afraid Frank Sinatra had the edge. Just my opinion of course. Although Dino had the more unfathomable a character. That’s cool for you : )

  7. T k says:

    every now and then a real person comes along who people like…. forget Sinatra, Dean Martin left him standing

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