Deana Carter- Strawberry Wine Lyrics

Deana Carter- Strawberry Wine Lyrics
Here is a another song from Deana Carter I tryed my best to keep up with the lyrics Enjoy!

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  1. torii diaz says:

    thank you for posting this song nobody else has on YouTube my mom listen to it all the time it reminds me of her I had a good cry thank you ?

  2. Fictional Number says:

    Though heartwarming, I find this song extremely shallow and pedantic. This woman, who clearly has her ducks in no row, reminisces about things that are unimportant to both the listener and the songwriter. The southern-style guitar is quite twangy and annoying, sounding quite akin to a rubber band put across a tissue box. The violin I hear is quite subdued and I wish it would make more of an appearance in the song than it does. The woman singing about her “first taste of love,” sounds vaguely sexual and I do not abide by such explicit mannerisms or colloquilisms. If this song were written now, it would be a song about rape. Strawberry wine, which I’ve never had, I’m assume has been done a disservice by this melody which is neither catchy nor enjoyable, and instead brings me memories of whiny women complaining about their nostalgia. The song, while very repeititve in its melody and verses, is broken up and interspersed with electric guitar that doesn’t fit in the song. The fade of the song is also quite abrupt and leaves the listener with no real idea what the singer’s message was.

  3. Wolf Girl says:

    my mom loves Deana Carter she loves all of her songs this song and danced anyway i love them to and you should here her sing she sings like a angel and the worked that she use to go to they told here the comment that they said that she should be in america idol and i agree to

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