Deana Carter – Strawberry Wine

Deana Carter – Strawberry Wine
Music video by Deana Carter performing Strawberry Wine.

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  1. Kristen Baxter says:

    oh man the memories with this song takes me back to the 90s these best summer’s of my life

  2. Barbievamppink says:

    This song reminds me of my husband and I to a T. We started dating in ’96. He had just turned 16 & I was 15. He even tried to make Strawberry Wine lol

  3. Your Number 1 fan says:

    My mother always sang this to me and every week i listen to it while looking at her picture

  4. Sean Amon says:

    funny a lot of people have good memories of this song all I remember is drinking to the song and coming home and my girl leaving me for my best friend

  5. Kelly Vervilles says:

    I love this song, you sings so much better than me. Still most people do. Your biggest fan Cameron Richard

  6. Jane Smith says:

    This song played during my first junior high dance. I slow danced with my then-boyfriend and can remember putting my head on his shoulder swaying to the music…. good memories, good song.

  7. Constatine95 says:

    Wow. Haven’t heard this song in forever. So nostalgic. Makes me wanna go back and just relive those days. I definitely miss them at times.

  8. Vice and Paradise says:

    This is like a lullaby for me. I don’t remember this song. In fact I’ve probably never heard it. But it reminds me of 90’s country music. My parents weren’t huge on country music or anything, but we’d ALWAYS play country music on road trips to states near by on vacations when I was young. Calmer times…

  9. Ron Wieloch says:

    This song. This artist is why I fell in love with country music. So many great memeories.

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