Demon Magicians: Episode 4 – Reveal THIS (Water To Wine)

Demon Magicians: Episode 4 – Reveal THIS (Water To Wine)

Showing that the magician elite “perform” with the help of demonic entities. Yif changes the taste and color several time in front of people’s eyes. Episode 5,6,7 show the best evidence for the demon hypothesis.

Once again, not all magicians have a demon partner, just a few, and not all “tricks” require a demon.

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  1. Scharlarntz says:

    20:53 a guy says: “do it again” …
    Now my question is why these “magicians” don’t do the tricks over and over in the same place in a short period of time?

  2. JTReindeerman says:

    The water in to wine is easy. It is just powder the glass being foggy just hides it and you don’t need a lot.

  3. Triippy says:

    if you think this proves that magic is real then you’re fucking stupid ok? magic is not real i am a magician all tricks are illusions you stupid fuck if anyone believes this shit then oh well we all have our own opinions but seriously? your views are probably just little kids that believe in this bullshit magic is not real

  4. toby says:

    17:05 as soon as the drink start “changing colors” the camera man doesnt film it.. then one with lifting up the glasses from the ground without touching them or having a tiny string or anything like that is very easy..

  5. Uncle Sam Trump says:

    No surprise that the Asian guy is the one imitating Jesus. Their heathen society would have no problem receiving the intended message (that Jesus was just another “magician”) since they are so far removed from Christianity. If David Blaine or Chris Angel did that it would largely have the opposite effect in a traditionally Christian society. I, like Xendrius, was once an atheist, but I continued to learn about the world and took in all information without bias. After fifteen years, the preponderance evidence convinced me that I was wrong and that life is truly nothing more than a war between good and evil to claim one’s soul! That was about five years ago, and since then the unfolding of world events and the current state of insanity that is reality has done nothing but reaffirm that fact! I mean who is so blind that they can’t see that recent American election campaign totally exposed the illuminati?!

  6. Gess Hugh says:

    Hot hands: chemical powder, like iron powder, or activated charcoal. Actors would work too,

  7. Nadhim Ali says:

    In Islam the Magic is mainly two types and it is in Quran

    1- deception magic (used to deceive your eyes)
    2- harm magic (used to harm people like black magic)

    The deception magic is a science some times and demons and Jinns work sometimes.
    The harm magic can only be done using demons and this type needs a guy who can warship the devil and do some nasty things in exchange.

  8. Mac Miller says:

    all who think this is fake it’s not ,,,I know him personally and he had this gift sense a kid he speaks Chinese and American ,,but he has been worshipping the dark side for years and years as well as dynamoe they give him the power to fool the naked eye ,,

  9. crisss111sss says:

    Xendrius since u are that bald and post so many of these crap videos which u refer as demon magic look in the link posted above, see how ur precious demon magician FAILS to hide his TRICK in a live performance. PLZ delete all your videos on this topic.
    P.S. I know how most of these tricks are being done in all ur videos and I am not even a professional.

  10. Andrew collazo says:

    Ik demons doing magic sounds like a shitty job but arent demons like ot aloud to do anything unless someone lets them in. Bottom line, I think demons are supposed to take what they can get.

  11. ChristianSaintSavior says:

    The skeptics and doubters will never be convinced of anything preternatural going on.

  12. MEECHIE Johnson says:

    Regardless of the comments, I believe these magicians have help from a dark realm. Some stuff you just can’t practice. ??

  13. moocru22 says:

    if demons exist im sure they are putting their power to much better use then to get magicians views on youtube =/

  14. Tispaccoilculo92 says:

    What the fucking kind of wine is that supposed to be? Orange wine? #italiantriggered

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