Discover California Wine Country

Discover California Wine Country
From Santa Barbara to Sonoma County, from Paso Robles to the Napa Valley, host Michael Fagan leads you on a journey throughout historic California Wine Country. Discover how geography, climate and winemaking skill come together to forge distinctive wine styles in some of California’s finest wine producing regions – and meet the people behind the label. This episode of Discover is your guide to understanding the inimitable character that defines California wine and food.
Produced in 2009

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  1. José Neto says:

    It is a sin this video is not HD, specially when other ones in the channel are… Just feedbacking, I love the videos.   : )

  2. Robert Mesa says:

    This is a poor presentation about the California wine industry. The presentation glossed over California wines, and the presentation clearly shows it doesn’t think much about the region. This video was a poor attempt to show LCBO wine industry reporting coverage, and nothing more. Watching this I thought I was watching a travel video marketing tool.

  3. johnnywhiteshoe says:

    this is a perfect video for the enthusiast or a student beginning a journey into wine expertise. keep up the good work!

  4. cindaflame says:

    If you do this again, don’t forget to hit the Monterey County wine makers! The Salinas Valley and the Carmel valley are creating some interesting wines.

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