Discover The Wines Of Bordeaux

Discover The Wines Of Bordeaux
Michael Fagan takes us on this memorable journey through the historic vineyards of Bordeaux in 2005. Discover why this region produces wine with such a prestigious worldwide reputation. Explore the wines, the people, and the Chateaux of this famous apellation.
31 minutes

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  1. johnnywhiteshoe says:

    great videos! i’m taking my somm 2 test in a few weeks and these are helping supplement my bookwork and tastings so well!!

  2. Deem M says:

    Thank you so much for such an informative and detailed video. Attention to details and gentleman like personality helps keeps the interest going to keep watching.

  3. Luis' Tuber Channel says:

    Excellent lesson on Bordeaux and the reason for such fertile growing soil in the Southwest of France…thanks..

  4. Horacio Olivares says:

    thank you thank you so much for this extraordinary video really appreciated and thank you again for posting it

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