Dr. Oz Answers: How Can Red Wine Improve Health, And How Much Should I Drink?

Dr. Oz Answers: How Can Red Wine Improve Health, And How Much Should I Drink?
Here’s my second answer to the last batch of your questions on Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace. RondaMullen (from Twitter) wanted to know how red wine can improve your health, and how much you should drink. Stay tuned at facebook.com/droz, twitter.com/droz, and myspace.com/droz for the next chance to get YOUR question answered.

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  1. Willy Souza says:

    Dude, I belive he didint want to give a class about grapes, but to point out Red wine benefits. You should watch more closely these videos and ask yourself what are they about before go around typing nonsense.
    PS: Read the title.

  2. Jan Payne says:

    “Whether wine is nourishment, medicine or poison is a matter of dosage.” – Paracelsus (1493-1541)
    Dr Henry Hess – MD, PhD with Jan Payne – about to release an important book – A 5 oz Glass, The Health Benefits of Red Wine for Women – here is what Dr Hess says
    More than one 5 oz glass of red wine per day can begin to present risks

  3. Stewart Stevens says:

    You start to say that “we don’t have any data at all in humans”… but that is no longer true. To see the ground-breaking human clinical studies and learn what makes resveratrol 10 times more powerful at slowing a key mechanism of aging, go to: P4HL dot com / aging

  4. Stewart Stevens says:

    @porkchoperz No, you can’t “get everything naturally with the food” – that’s just ridiculous – our food is processed beyond anything nature can recognize.

  5. Yeeeooo000 says:

    of course everything can be a toxin at the right level. but i dont think you understand. water is needed by the body. Alcohol is a toxin at any level. the body has to get rid of it immediately. it serves no purpose.

  6. Cory Kinberger says:

    One alcoholic beverage a day helps remove plaque from coronary arteries and can reduce blood pressure. We put hundreds of toxins on/in our body everyday. But just because something is a toxin does not mean that it doesn’t have beneficial side effects as well.

  7. SrmthfgRockLee says:

    I don’t know if wine is good/healthy for a guy who lives normaly, sleeps normaly & sports daily – but I’ll tell you, without a doubt theres no mistake to drink like 1,5Lwater+ a day(Usually less in the winter because it’s colder, so you can eat/drink less but move/exercise more to heat yourself up, I guess cold/hot is a key for our needs). I drink [#1] tea 3 times a day, start with black, sometimes if I wake early”goodmorning”tea without any sugar, none-black teas such as fruits(usually red)/herbs – add [#2]honey/[#3]lemon in it. [#4] Hot chili peppers(there’s green/orange ones too, not just red. Whether in a jar, or dry(though dry ones are harder to eat I think they can dmg ur teeth a bit sometimes due to those seeds if u don’t swallow it instantly as it can be too spicy for ur throat, let it in mouth for a bit first). [#5] Garlic(if you have something like a grid to make it into tiny pieces, don’t think knife is a good idea) – add vinegar, cooking oil, salt(and some people also add walnuts/lemon) & depending on how much garlic you’ve done.. like 50 to 500ml water in something like a deep plate. Put it in the fridge for a few hours & it’s done! You can eat it by soaking a bit of bread into the water(water is spicy due to the garlic then) after(I usually use toasted bread, more tasty & probably healthier). Aside from the people that might have problems with too much spiciness(if any) for their body/stomachs, this is what I live with and never gotten sick since I started it.

  8. onefoot7 says:

    You have toi find out what works for you, not everything can be applied to everyone, you have to keep a Journal and see how it goes, count on yourself, not doctors..

  9. PEEGEE BEEDEE says:

    1:02 A Bottle Of Wine A Day Keeps The Heart Pumping Away. Hey, A Diet High In Protein, Fat, And The Occasional Fiber (Particularly In The Form Of Green Leafy Vegetables) Decreases The Amount Of Calories You Consume On A Daily Basis And The Fewer Calories You Consume On A Daily Basis, The More Healthy You’ll Be (The Longer You’ll Live). This May Seem Counterintuitive At First (You Can Eat As Much Of The Right Protein And Fat As You Want, But Still Consume Fewer Calories Than Someone Eating Smaller Portions On A High Carbohydrate Diet?), But It Actually Makes Complete Sense When You Realize How Hard It Is To Eat Large Amounts Of Protein, Fat, And Fiber At One Sitting. You Can’t Do It. You Get Full After A Plate Or Two And You Stay Fuller For A Longer Time. This All Equates To Fewer Calories Consumed In A Day And, If You Stick To This Diet, Fewer Calories Consumed Over Your Lifespan.

  10. Thomas Tamang says:

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