Drama At Bobi Wine’s Home The True Story About Mengo And Him On His Beach

Drama At Bobi Wine’s Home The True Story About Mengo And Him On His Beach
Drama at Bobi Wine’s home the true story about Mengo and him on his beach
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  1. Mwaka Ambrose says:

    A think Bobi wine should apologize to Muzata who was trying to talk about the thefety cuases by the kingdom .A wonder how the Baganda accept one person to dominate their land .Mbu kabaka’s land how can the kabaka only own the land in Buganda.

  2. Mwaka Ambrose says:

    how can the Baganda adore the Unfair kabaka like DAT That’s y are opt for Basoga they are not idiots like dat

  3. alex kakooza says:

    Point tulumwa emengo waliyo ababbi era ensonga yettaka egyakuyuza obuganda fetunaddawa abaganda ngabanaffebagobwa bakabushenga baliiramungalo

  4. Susan A says:

    people are just jealous and afraid of what bobbin represent. they are trying to break him down. this guy is what he is without anyone’s help. he has made himself and that make them afraid. what they did to him shows how much they are afraid of what he might become tomorrow. seriously bobbi can’t afford more than enbuzzi you would he steal one. seriously people get something else to accuse him of.

  5. PIUS GYAGENDA says:

    bobi wine your a man of legacy so am on your side because i have watched and listened to this since the start of it all papa


    thax bobi, u have critically thought and sieved what u utter out. i know God is with u in this trying moment. thax u are a good example to us youths. God will have the best way for u

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