Fred Armisen Helps Stephen Review Foghat Wines

Fred Armisen Helps Stephen Review Foghat Wines
The Late Show’s Christmas Gift Guide featured Foghat, and the band was nice enough to send us a gift of their own.

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  1. jokluz says:

    Let’s dispel with this fiction that Stephen Colbert and Fred Armisen don’t know what they’re doing. They know exactly what they’re doing.

  2. danielsonnv says:

    You should have tasted the Pinot Noir before the Cabernet Sauvignon, as it is a medium bodied red, and the cabernet is full bodied.

  3. Will Hirsch says:

    For someone who changed his surname’s pronunciation to sound more French, Stephen sure can’t pronounce a lot of French words!

  4. wackydelly84 says:

    that’s one of those songs you could go the rest of your life without thinking about if it never came up.  utterly forgettable.

  5. Sorensen D says:

    IT´S SAD for Stephen how bad he is doing even when compared to the “sidekick” show Corben or whatever… TRAGIC, he is almost at Seth Meyers´ levels of subscribers, and that´s low.

  6. tr0nd15c says:

    Stephen g*d bless your jokes with deep intellect and interviews of others with respect (/retorting back to the audience boo’s to give the guest professional respect ala Ted Cruz). Foghat – Slow Ride is a monumental achievement in music. I’ve been wine tasting for 15 years. This segment made me stand up outta my chair wanting to applaud because Fred Armisen really brought Stephen to a new level. Stephen you are the 2nd coming of Johnny Carson; thank you for saving late night.

  7. Kelsey . Elise says:

    Could this please be a running bit? Random shit testing. Fred either hates it or loves it, he always takes a strong stance. Love the idea.

  8. Frank Markow says:

    4:10 you can taste a little bit of the hickory from the drum stick Roger Earl used to stir the mash during fermentation… lmao

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