Gregory Allan Isakov – Dandelion Wine

Gregory Allan Isakov – Dandelion Wine
Album: This Empty Northern Hemisphere (released May 15, 2009) Features Brandi Carlile


summer days were just a magazine, a magazine, a magazine…
cutting grass for gasoline, for gasoline
so i can see you soon…

fall swooned
left me drunk in a field
dandelion wine for a year
and i packed up the dust
of all that i owned
handkerchief hung from a pole
i rolled out the day that the apples fell…

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  1. palteonato says:

    Despues de muchas noches donde la música que tanto amo(esta música tan personal) se habia apartado de mi o quizas yo de ella; vuelve siempre de esta forma que me conmueve , y eso me fascina, no todo lo hermoso de la vida se tiene que buscar simplemente a veces tenemos suerte y sabemos aprovechar como yo y esta maravillosa cancion con la que tope hoy.

  2. Vampiz says:

    The end of the song reminds me of something, like from a movie or a game but I can’t quite place it.

  3. Jeremy Johnson says:

    How do people not know what Dandelion Wine is? Read the book…theme and motif is “Life has no meaning without death” Then listen to his Big Black Car, Saint Valentine…few others too. Makes this intro 10x more meaningful. Especially if you know he was a vagrant…now you can see what helped contribute to it.

  4. CheerUp World says:

    I tried not to think about you, but failed every time I hear or saw something beautiful. For all that I see is the sparks when our worlds collided that night, and in this song I can only hear your haunting voice echoed in my hollowed heart. S.A.

  5. tatjana1707 says:

    His music, voice and album covers are so dreamy. It’s like it is a different world…I wanna go there, live there and forget about this wreck that we call earth… I would bring only animals (because they are the most amazing beings in the world) and some people I love and that’s it.

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