Henry Mancini – The Days Of Wine And Roses

Henry Mancini – The Days Of Wine And Roses

Days of Wine and Roses was an acclaimed 1958 teleplay by JP Miller which dramatized the problems of alcoholism. John Frankenheimer directed the cast headed by Cliff Robertson, Piper Laurie and Charles Bickford.

The 90-minute telecast was presented live with tape inserts on October 2, 1958 and was the second episode of the third season of the anthology series Playhouse 90 on CBS. Costume changes were made possible because Frankenheimer taped the Alcoholics Anonymous scenes on the day prior to the live telecast. During a rehearsal, according to Miller, the producer Fred Coe dropped by and watched as Robertson and Laurie “played some of the most realistic drunk scenes ever seen anywhere. Frankenheimer was ecstatic but was quickly grounded by Coe’s drawled comment, ‘John, you’ve got the Wine. Now let’s see if you can get the Roses.’

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  1. Sean says:

    Can someone please tell me what instruments are playing? and who are the artists? I can’t find it anywhere. Thank you!

  2. may55 says:

    grandmom joyce, I will pray for you and your husband  and members of my own family. The drink can really get its hold, and I think in the final scene she looks into the window reflection herself, this is what the person needs,   to see the reality, the devestation, I pray for myself to continue to be part of the solution and not an enabler, part of the problem…I love roses!

  3. Savvynlady says:

    One of the most haunting and beautiful theme songs of a movie. The Shadow of your Smile for The Sandpiper is another…

  4. DreamWeaver2020 says:

    Before my time but as I get older I find my self getting into more and more older stuff like 40’s movies and the mastters like Henry and the like, the old cooners and song writers that faded into glory. The orchestration and artistry the patience is something of and earthier age and maybe thats why I like it so. The world in general is a big mess and this returns me if only for a few moments to a simpler time.

  5. sauquoit13456 says:

    On this day in 1963 {January 20th} “Days of Wine and Roses” by Henry Mancini and his Orchestra entered Billboard’s Hot Top 100 chart at position #82; eight weeks later on March 17th it would peak at #33 {for 1 week} and it stayed on the chart for 18 weeks..
    The song won Mr. Mancini {music} and Johnny Mercer {lyrics} an Academy Award for ‘Best Original Song’…
    The week Mr. Mancini’s version peaked at #33, Andy Williams’ vocal version was at #79, eventually it would peak at #26…
    Personally, ‘Days of Wine and Roses’ was a great, though disturbing, movie…

  6. BillSU77 says:

    probably the theme for which Mancini is known best by. Absolutely beautiful. The musicis in direct contrast to the serious theme of the film – alcoholism.

  7. Justin case says:

    Lee Remick was so beautiful in this movie,……it was not directed by John Frankenheimer, but rather Blake Edwards.

  8. John Mildner says:

    Who could forget the movie starring Lee Remick and Newton Massachusetts own Jack Lemon. Makes me want to cry every
    time i listen to it.

  9. Mary Mastin says:

    classic hits from the mid-50s – and into the 1960 – can’t be compared with any artist – the best

  10. Princess Grace says:

    memories of growing up in the 60’s and listening to My Parents albums or their AM radio station WPAT, Patterson,NJ

  11. Evandro Barcelos says:

    The world is the same as the begining , we are the ones tha makes things change the way it shoud be. But music come and compensat the balance .

  12. Buick Le Sabre says:

    ” Days of Wine and Roses ” is also a song by Donovan Under the title of ” Writer in the Sun”. And it’s a million times better then the Mancini’s song.

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