How To Make Fresh Tomato Sauce | Mad Genius Tips | Food & Wine

How To Make Fresh Tomato Sauce | Mad Genius Tips | Food & Wine
Food & Wine’s Justin Chapple demonstrates an easy way to make fresh tomato sauce.

Here’s the gear you’ll need:
Sharp knife:
Cutting board:
Large mixing bowl:
Box grater:

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  1. Borderline Alcoholic says:

    Am I alone in being absolutely stunned to discover a tomato ‘even has an incredible tomato aroma’?

    Who knew?

  2. Joe Delasko says:

    I suppose it’s OK if you don’t mind all those seeds in your sauce, and all the tomato inner pulp that’s going to make the ‘sauce’ really wet. If you cut the tomatoes in half, then give them a bit of a squeeze, you’ll get rid of a lot of seeds and pulp, that don’t do anything for the overall flavor.

  3. jane a sinner says:

    I’d never put olive oil in my sauce or in the water that cooks the pasta. It makes the sauce NOT stick or coat the pasta. and i’d def cook it, but I would strain that then reduce it plus add other things, like garlic and herbs. jmho.

  4. Lydia Stevenson says:

    No the sauce needs to be cooked down as tomato changes as it is cooked… and tastes different… your sauce would be way way way to watery… nice tip though.

  5. Rallu Poiana says:

    That moment when you realise you live in a world where you don’t expect a tomato to smell like a tomato . :/ GMO sh*t …

  6. Mario's Kitchen says:

    This is a great idea..but it’s not cooked and cold..but don’t serve this to Italians if you value your

  7. Bee Batch says:

    My family makes tomato sauce every year, made a video about it on my channel it would be awesome if you can check it out 🙂 Thanks

  8. afringedweller says:

    A sprinkle of grated cheese would be special, (I buy it on sale only!). But really, I love the simple recipes the best!

  9. Jay Bee says:

    Tomato sauce is not too hard to make. Most of the time just goes into letting it sit there to simmer.

  10. vancityguy says:

    Daft Punk’s Revolution 909 music video did a much better job at explaining how to cook tomato sauce from scratch.

  11. Isabelle Bertoni says:

    Eeeeek! that’s not tomato sauce, that’s grated tomatoes, absolutely horrid with pasta! pffffff…

  12. Isabelle Bertoni says:

    Wow, that “incredible tomato flavour”, said he, smelling a… tomato. What did you expect??? pfff…

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