How To Open A Bottle Of Wine

How To Open A Bottle Of Wine
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Opening a bottle of wine isn’t hard—which is why not being able to accomplish it is particularly embarrassing. Don’t worry—with a little practice you’ll be liberating the fruit of the vine in a few fluid motions.

Step 1: Cut metallic foil
Cut the metallic foil or plastic wrapper covering the cork, using the bottle’s lower lip as a guide. Press the blade against the foil wrapper, and score all the way around the bottle’s circumference.

Be sure to remove the foil from the lip of the bottle—it can ruin the taste if the wine comes in contact with it when poured.

Step 2: Place bottle upright
Place the bottle upright on a flat surface, or hold it between your knees slightly angled toward you at a comfortable height.

Step 3: Screw into cork
Dig the tip of the corkscrew into the middle of the cork, keeping it as straight as possible. With an even, downward pressure, rotate the screw clockwise until it disappears almost entirely into the cork.

Step 4: Grip with lever
Pivot the metal lever of the corkscrew so that the forked indentation grips the edge of the bottle’s mouth and the corkscrew’s handle is pointed down.

Step 5: Pull up
Holding the bottle firmly in place, grasp the handle and pull it straight up. The cork should come completely out.

Specialty wine openers, like the wing- or lever-style kind, require less effort to remove the cork. Just insert or clamp and then push the wings or lever down.

Step 6: Wipe the rim
Wipe the rim of the bottle with a clean, slightly damp napkin to remove any cork dust or residue before pouring. Salut!

Did You Know?
The first corkscrew was patented in 1795 by an English minister.

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  1. pcpolo1 says:

    1 – Jamais gire a garrafa. Ela deve manter-se fixa sobre a mesa.
    2 – Evite estalar a rolha (som ao abrir).

  2. Обичам да летя евтино says:

    In NYC you do all that, standing up, smiling, and talking about the specials.

  3. Ana Ribeiro says:

    What the f*** is he doing?? First you don’t ever open the bottle on “air”, you need to put it in surface, then never turn the bottle when taking the plastic wraper. put the bottle between your knees?? Give me a break!!! It is a waste of time this video…Check for videos that are made by a real sommelier..

  4. d lor says:

    hahah a lot of mistakes on this video!!! it is amazing. I guess this advice is to open a wine alone, but not in front of people, and of course, not even in a restaurante by a waiter!

  5. TacticalSam says:

    Opening a bottle of wine doesn’t always come out the way you’d like, i’ve dealt with old vintage wines and the corks are such a fkin pain

  6. H2Raby says:

    Yeah wtf, making good tips, meeting good people & wearing a suit, what’s funny? If I’m going to be waiting for pricey hotel guests in our countrys capital I gotta be on my game y’know??

  7. Chivas6 says:

    Well, good luck to you. I’d give you a tip if you were just friendly to be honest. Couldn’t give a monkeys how you opened the bottle. I’d be more impressed if you just yanked that cork right out between your teeth like some big, French drunkard.

  8. H2Raby says:

    Well I’ll keep that in mind. & I’ll make sure to ask my guests if they would prefer if I opened their bottle with a corkscrew or my teeth.

  9. rubenv20 says:

    if you are opening a bottle of wine in a fine dinning restaurant then you don’t put the bottle between your legs… stupid and look like you don’t know how to really open a bottle properly

  10. The Legend says:

    Did you know:
    People don’t drink wine because it taste good, but because they think they are more adults than others doing so.

  11. Yayas World13 says:

    this video actually helped me. now go watch the video of my cute pit bull on my page I would appreciate it

  12. Isabella Barthelus says:

    yey! thanks to your tutorial and of course my daughter who helped me by watching her dad..cheers?

  13. Estefy T says:

    I thought the other part was to open beers wtf. College student age 21 right here… had to watch a video cause no f idea.. i opened my eyes surprised like i was watching a freakin magic Rick

    Also, i think im getting drunk bye

  14. Yami Patata says:

    I got tired of waiting for my husband to open the wine for me (I broke our butterfly opener) so thanks for this video, now I can enjoy my cabernet ?

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