Hozier – Cherry Wine (Lyrics)

Hozier – Cherry Wine (Lyrics)
Hozier – Cherry Wine (Lyrics)

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  1. Anindita Howlader says:

    this song… sounds so happy and sweet but talks about accepted abuse. i didn’t catch the meaning the first few times I listened to it, I was too immersed with the tone ???

  2. Anabelle Canova says:

    i understand that its about an abusive relationship, but im having a hard time making the connection with any of the lyrics. Can someone explain please?

  3. Ida Thor-rasmussen says:

    Well my expectations of what the lyrics were about was completely wrong when i saw the music video..

    To begin with I thought it was about prostitutes, and how a man or woman were seeking one of these 😮

  4. Chrissy Long says:

    This is my favorite song?❤The lyrics are so beautiful yet they tell of an abusive/toxic relationship so it merges together to form a song that is hauntingly beautiful, some might say.

  5. Auva Stratos says:

    dude i’ve only heard like 2 of hozier’s songs and… sounds like he’s had a rough life? if he’s writing from experience, that is. the songs i’ve heard have both had depressing lyrics :/

  6. Alissa Werner says:

    the video is more amazing than the lyrics because he’s singing like she’s the abuser when really he is the abuser

  7. Jess _2513 says:

    Every time I listen to this it reminds me of a
    Moriarty x Reader
    And Moriarty dies and you have to play this song as you read the part were he die in the fanfic on what pad

  8. Tiffany Grover says:

    I was in plenty of abusive relationships my worst one was this year he would always tell me what to do and always threaten to hit me and always made me do things I hate like not talk to my sister or always told me to not wear that or even worse told me to take my clothes off…..?? but I’m stronger now…I have a fiance who loves me and cares for me and protects me through thick and thin he always has my back and I always have his we may fight sometimes but I love him very very much he is so so so amazing

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