Iron And Wine – 4AD Session

Iron And Wine – 4AD Session
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Iron & Wine, the work of Austin-based Sam Beam, released their fourth album, Kiss Each Other Clean through 4AD in January 2011. Somewhat of a departure from earlier recordings and representing an expansion of the ideas explored on last album The Shepherd’s Dog, the record saw Beam’s often stripped-back compositions development into ornate arrangements/ Live performances also saw Beam joined by a cast of musicians, helping flesh out his sound.

For this beautifully rendered 4AD Session, Beam made the conscious decision to return to his roots. Taking those album tracks back to their nascent form, Beam delivered five acoustic performances that immediately make clear the craft and care that constitutes each Iron & Wine track. Pushed to the fore is Beam’s languorous vocals, showcasing the seemingly effortless ease with which he is able to imbibe his music with a nuanced poetry.

Filmed at Miloco Recording Studios in Bermondsey, London, the location proved truly fitting of the performance. Beam found himself surrounded by an array of vintage analogue equipment, a perfect compliment to the down-home wood-and twine classic songwriting that has continued to characterize the work of Iron & Wine over the course of four albums. Playing four songs from the new album, long time fans will also note the inclusion of the ‘Upwards Over The Mountain’, a track drawn from the band’s much-loved back catalogue.

The session provides a neat precursor to when Iron & Wine return to the UK in October, playing an acoustic show at Hackney Empire on 9th. Before then, there will be a full band performance on the main stage at Latitude on 17th July and headline Green Man on 21st August, serving to highlight the broad talents of Iron & Wine.


1. Tree By The River
2. Biting Your Tail
3. Big Burned Hand
4. Half moon
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  1. Walt Round says:

    A guitar and a voice : minimalism which make you see the quality of music! Great songwriter ! If you like acoustic music and underground artist, I suggest you to discover a new artist by writing *”Niko Laetailleurs”* in the you tube search bar. Not very famous but one of my favorite !

  2. Not My Real Name says:

    0:06 Tree By The River
    3:34 Biting Your Tail
    7:07 Big Burned Hand
    10:01 Half Moon
    12:57 Upward Over The Mountain

  3. Johndoe Fascist says:

    Austin-based Sam Beam? Does that mean he grew up from the ground there like a plant?

  4. Tylerforeman1000 says:

    I prefer Sam’s acoustics over the electronic mixed into his studio songs. That being said, still an amazing artist regardless!

  5. Adrian McGhee says:

    I don’t even want to hear the album versions; I want the album acoustic like this. I can get so much accomplished with him in my ear.

  6. iamluite says:

    No offence to the band etc, but iron and wines songs just sound so much better like this. I think they should record with a more intimate approach like this, perhaps just with an added subtle drum in the background.

  7. Xose Nogueira says:

    Iron & Wine delivering an awe-inspiring performance in São Paulo last 2nd September is going to be one of my fondest memories ever. Hearing his voice feels like home. I was so overwhelmed that I hardly noticed the bloody mobile/camera freaks and pissing Twilight Saga twats taking stupid selfies during the concert (there should be a law against these people even breathing). But Sam is a perfect gentleman, so he rose above it.
    He played for 2 hours straight and that was the case when just a man and his guitar suffice to transcend. I’ve been a fan for 10 years or so but only at the concert did I realise the prodigiously gifted (and yet kind and humble) instrumentalist Sam is. Sometimes, when playing a bluesy tune, he’d go into a solemn trance-like state, meaning every word coming out of his mouth. That was sheer awesomeness! But he had fun as well, cracking jokes now and then.
    So I can hardly wait for his next Brazilian tour.

  8. WinchesterRevolution says:

    I covered Tree By The River, check it out! I did it in the style of his full band live versions. Love Sam, and his songs are wonderful. Hope I did some justice to his song.

  9. Aaron Rios says:

    Editing guy: “Oh my god, check out this angle. Now this one. Now this one. Lets put 3 in every second.”

  10. DEMA says:

    I am a huge fan of Iron and Wine. I love all of Sam Beam’s songs. Thanks so much for Posting this! Would you mind checking my stuff I wrote them myself…? I think it’s definitely up your alley… and you absolutely wont regret it 🙂

  11. Deckard C says:

    Beautiful session. Interesting to see how he picks the guitar with only his thumb and forefinger. Honestly don’t know how he can pull that off hah.

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