Iron And Wine: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert:

Iron And Wine: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert:
For those who fell in love with Sam Beam’s spare solo work, he plays his new full-band material as a solo performer here. Watch Beam show a fresh side of his new songs at the NPR Music offices, and top them off with his devastating 2004 gem “Naked As We Came.”

Set List:

“Half Moon”
“Big Burned Hand”
“Tree By The River”
“Naked As We Came”

You can download the video by subscribing to the All Songs Considered Tiny Desk Concert Podcast at

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  1. Steve564ify says:

    Does anyone know why his D string is going around the A and E tuning posts rather than just going straight to the nut?

  2. Samuel Leake says:

    Honestly never heard of him before but he comes across really well and nice mannered,Gained a new fan 🙂

  3. Kanto Collective says:

    Does anybody else agree that these acoustic renditions sound much better than the album versions?

  4. pakaporn jinta says:

    I’ve watched this probably more than 50 times over the last year. Still coming back. Love you Iron and Wine.

  5. Stephanie Rager says:

    “Half Moon” 00:00 – 03:00
    “Big Burned Hand” 04:34 – 07:39
    “Tree By The River” 09:45 – 12:48
    “Naked As We Came” 15:09 – 17:20

  6. m clarke says:

    Such a great performance from Iron and Wine, I did my own version of “Tree by the River”

  7. Jonas Ryan says:

    It’s really weird how he looks so much like Burzum, but at the same time kinda doesn’t seem to be the same type.

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