Iron And Wine – Such Great Heights

Iron And Wine – Such Great Heights
iron and Wine – Such Great Heights

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  1. TheNiceroad says:

    Usually not a big fan of covers but I have to admit that Iron and Wine captures the intensity of those lyrics in a better manner than the original. Simply beautiful.

  2. JesusChristIsaBlackgay DeadJewOnaStick says:

    +I support the gay agenda i have four other screen names i use, you can run a test on getting your old name back to check if it will stay and i can help you on working on your profile just message me any time you want girl but heres some music for yah XD

  3. Lacy Harper says:

    I’m obsessed with them. And pentatonix. This coming from a 15 year old. I enjoy this type of music.

  4. Trash says:

    My English teacher was talking about music and randomly asked “who knows Iron and Wine?”…I got a little too excited…He’s now my favorite.

  5. Charles Yarbrough says:

    truly I tell you. there is no one who has left houses, brothers, parents, or fields, for my sakes and the gospel who will not fail to receive a hundred times as much in this present age, along with persecutions. matthew 19

  6. Ethan Alley says:

    I listen to this, and I think of her. Always. I will always love this song, but never as much as I love her.

  7. Christian Ongsiako says:

    Check out my cover of “Such Great Heights”! I’m just trying to get myself out there! You won’t be disappointed! I appreciate it!

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