Iron & Wine – Boy With A Coin

Iron & Wine – Boy With A Coin
From Iron & Wine’s album The Shepherd’s Dog released in 2007 through Sub Pop Records.

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  1. Destiny McIntire says:

    I remember my dad burned this song onto a cd for me along with a few other songs I liked as a kid and I’d just listen to this song on repeat all night long at bedtime. Best sleep I’ve ever had in recent memory. <3

  2. Tor Parsons says:

    This song creates a really vividly surreal image to me – something like a young boy in homespun medieval clothes, covered in mud and blood, meeting an eerily pristine Victorian-looking woman in a field of chest-high oil-black grass under an infected-looking red and white sky, full of one-winged and one-eyed birds flying in erratic patterns. In fact, I like to think that this entire album takes place in that world.

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