IRON & WINE Essential Songs

IRON & WINE Essential Songs
Singer-Songwriter Samuel Beam

00:00:00 Cinders And Smoke
00:05:45 Flightless Bird American Mouth
00:09:47 Boy With A Coin
00:13:53 The Trapeze Swinger
00:21:00 Jezebel
00:26:09 Sodom South Georgia
00:31:10 Such Great Heights
00:35:23 The Sea and the Rhythm
00:40:48 Naked As We Came
00:43:18 Freedom Hangs Like Heaven
00:47:17 Sunset Soon Forgotten
00:50:40 Love Vigilantes
00:54:05 Upward Over The Mountain
01:00:00 Each Coming Night
01:03:28 Resurrection Fern
01:08:18 Fever Dream
01:12:35 Passing Afternoon
01:16:36 Waitin for a Superman

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  1. FizzleXMutt says:

    Anyone else put this on when they can’t fall asleep and just lay back and let the feels consume them until they relax enough to drift off?

    Cause this is one of the best collections of songs for that.

  2. Parilee Bijou says:

    this is awesome! thanks for putting this together. iron and wine are off the chain awesome. love the choice of songs here.

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