Iron & Wine – Flightless Bird (with Lyrics)

Iron & Wine – Flightless Bird (with Lyrics)
If you can’t find a special song in youtube with onscreen lyrics, then tell me!
Iron & Wine – Flightless Bird (with lyrics)
I do not own this song, and it is a soundtrack of Twilight.

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  1. Kiley W says:

    I wish there were more people at my school who saw music how I do at my school I played this and they all made fun of me but I was all like y’all just don’t know what good music is ?

  2. slash boom says:

    think i got what the song is about for the first time .. well explaining it will require a teacher of urdu languge from pakistan who ill ask uto do salees urdu on this song ,as a man of “fuking superior literature” its abt the mans helplessness trying to manage his love .. the fat cat watching warm rats than the hard things , blood of christ , mountain streams , u see cts r scared of water so lood of christ a mountain stream .. u get it ? ur that cat …but the chords in this song will make u all sad , this is quite a music magic u will be sad without knowing wtf his is talking about

  3. slash boom says:

    well , when he says called for u everywhere , i think that one was pretty divine statement ,like what u would expresssecretly to someone too important like ur God .have i found u .. there is soany meanings to this , suiting to whatever u make of it , like poetry of allama iqbal

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