Iron & Wine – Jezebel

Iron & Wine – Jezebel

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  1. Maciej Podlaski says:

    Beautiful lyrics and song.. Do You think he finally found Jezebel or the dogs took her for eternity?

  2. a lleiN says:

    This is one of those songs that slowly, softly weighs down your heart… So pretty and nostalgia-inducing, and the vocalist’s voice is wonderful.

  3. Chesley Gibbons says:

    The same stick must have been shoved up these 3 people’s asses that disliked this song

  4. zenvis50 says:

    Goes well with a whiskey in the late evening, real chillin’ track. Love the slow smooth lick, just like the whiskey. Yummee.

  5. Tao Ming says:

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  6. ZAMFIR IOAN says:

    Black kids are born only in September. I’m a black kid, your like feed my with milk?

  7. Mustapha Javeed says:

    a cutie showed me this a while ago and i listen to it every now and then. beautiful song 🙂 reminds me of her and just good times

  8. Alex Pennington says:

    I think this song has a much simpler meaning than the Biblical story (even though it has constant references to it). I think it is the story of a man (the narrator) falling in love with Jezebel. However, he knows that many others (the dogs) want her, but for the wrong reasons(to put it crudely, sexually motivated), shown by “we swear we love you”. Even though he knows this, he loves her enough to be willing to wait forever for her to feel the same way about him-“will the mountains last, as long as I will wait”. The song is set when Jezebel has disappeared, and he fears that she has finally given in to the ‘dogs’, and has left him forever.
    That’s my personal view on it, as an atheist (thought I’d mention that due to the context of the song), and someone seeing the simpler and really more relatable side of the song. Anybody else see it like this?

  9. MegaCrasherMusic says:

    I will chime in with the obligatory “they don’t make music like this anymore” comment. It’s true though! This was a gorgeous song… Up there with “each coming night” as one of Sam’s very best. His music still gives me chills. Long live the indie rock of the mid 2000s

  10. STEVE CROSS says:

    Listened to these songs on my iPod when I was training for marathons back in the mid-2000’s. Can’t run anymore (bad knees) but went back to listen to these songs and remember a really good period in my life.

  11. Jake Wirkkala says:

    This song is beautiful but the live version from his ultra rare Norfolk 6/20/05 album is one of my top 5 songs of all time. I wish it was on YouTube but, alas, it is THAT rare. Heart wrenchingly beautiful.

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