Is Red Wine Good For You?

Is Red Wine Good For You?
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Is red wine good for you and is red wine fattening? Yes and No

1) Resveratrol
The skin of grapes are packed with the antioxidant resveratrol which benefits:
⁃ Eye sight
⁃ Fights cancer
⁃ Heart and brain protection
⁃ Anti-aging
⁃ Lowers cholesterol and blood pressure

2) Fattening
Red wine is not fattening if consumed in small amounts due to unique antioxidants and phytonutrients that help burn body fat.

3) Alcohol
A small amount of alcohol stimulates liver detox by breaking down bile
⁃ Suggested amount: 1/2 glass or less

Over consuming (more than one glass in a sitting or a few glasses a week) becomes toxic to the liver
which will negate the health benefits and cause long term health issues such as:
⁃ Slows down liver detox
⁃ Increases toxicity
⁃ Increases fat storage
⁃ Potential heart issues

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  1. Kimber45 says:

    I recommend ONLY a half a glass…… Then drink the rest straight from the bottle…

  2. Ab M says:

    Yes cyanide is good for you in small amounts…. but I’m still drinking 2-4 glasses of wine in one sitting or not drinking at all. Half a glass? Ridiculous.

  3. RaJuR reaL deeP kooL says:

    Im done. My liver test came back ok…..probably because Im vegan…..Even the HepC was guud. But a glass…..I do 4 glasses easy…..especially at karaokee night!!!! Whats The yaaameann. Next Spraying my mega collection of fragrances will NOT be a guud thing. Arrrrghhh If not chemtrails……just drink drink drink!!!

  4. Dan Seabreeze says:

    Strange thing is, many people are aware of the “dirty dozen” which is the top fruits and vegetables that are sprayed the most with pesticides and which preferably should be bought organic. Grapes are one of those that are heavily sprayed with pesticides so I wonder just how concentrated those pesticides are in red (I prefer red) wine? I remember as a naive teenager sitting in front of the tv with a bag of red grapes and thinking that those grapes smelled like roach spray. Years later I realized since I didn’t wash them first they probably were so full of pesticides that I really could smell it. The smell was so strong I never forgot it.

  5. BloodOfYeshuaMessiah says:

    *Many of those same health benefits can be found in “new wine”…non alcoholic wine or grape juice.*

  6. bodybalancer says:

    One healthy glass will do you if your tolerance is low because you don’t over-drink. It’s nice to stay minimal and be a cheap drunk ? two glasses is an indulgence. Three glasses, is too much but… things in moderation (even moderation?)

  7. byakuya kuchiki says:

    do you mean you can drink half a glass of red wine everyday will be healrhy or half a glass in one week??

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