Keith Jarrett – Days Of Wine And Roses

Keith Jarrett – Days Of Wine And Roses
At the Blue Note.

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  1. Larry Gerndt says:

    no one plays jazz harmony like Keith. The improvised intros like this particularly excellent one can sometimes bring a tear to the eye, not really because I’m sad, but something like that.

  2. Anthony Cornicello says:

    I love the smooth, even playing of Jarrett on this recording. Real clean, and so inventive – truly a master!

  3. Jacques D. Lévy says:

    Tout a fait d’accord avec Manga Charlus… La suite est, très habituellement SUBLIME !

  4. EgyptianMinor says:

    Brilliant intro, amazing solo –  how the motifs/patterns build each phrase – and Jack and Gary and Keith have total interplay

  5. 早瀬 洵 says:


  6. Zeppolino100 says:

    The brilliance of this is driven home by the sappy and lame version that was used in the Opening of the Film. Several other versions in the movie (my favorite the single line guitar when the lovers are at their first dinner date) showed the promise latent in this lovely and haunting melody.

  7. Kleinequietboy Kleinequietboy says:

    i’ll take Dave Grusin’s 5 minute studio version over this one every time. Grusin is not capable of quadruple time 16th note patterns like Keith, BUT Sometimes actual arrangements and rehearsals pay off guys yeah i’m talkin to youse 3 Keith Gary Jack ….Harvey Mason’s polyrhythm drumming couldn’t be more fitting. like a glove..the time signature changes are smooth and delicious.. Pattatuccci’s solo is sublime…check it out first and then u can troll me and hate me and potate me.

  8. popeysaylor says:

    I see Keith, accompanied by the background music, with roses in his right hand and a bottle of wine in the other hand, prepared to meet with one of the beautiful women they knew.
    I wanted to be in tune with the song title, played so fantastic, as if coming from another universe.♫♫♫♫

  9. Martha Rutherford says:

    Jarrett and Evans….they both make my cry with the beauty of their talent and styling

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