Lecture 1: Introduction To Wine

Lecture 1: Introduction To Wine
An introduction to wine, how we can study it academically, why we actually drink it, the major classifications of it, and the major components of its creation.

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  1. TypetyTypeType says:

    So Wine is a standalone course at VT this semester? Or is this a single unit in another course such as world regions?

  2. holmeslikesherlock says:

    I’ve been following your videos and posts for a few years now (I am a high school geography teacher in Canada) and I have to say that I am SUPER excited for this series!!! Can’t wait to learn all about wine!

  3. detvtvt p says:

    lol, i respect many of your comments, but you not even try to denny at any point being paid by the industry?

  4. William Day says:

    u.c. davis, Fresno State and a few other universities offer majors in viticulture and enology.

  5. Michelle Rodriguez says:

    I know this is an old video, but I just wanted to thank you for sharing it publicly. I started working harvest in 2013 in Napa Valley. Just doing the dirty work: irrigation, picking and sorting, etc. It started off as the only job I could get but ended up being where I started to fall in love with the complexities of the product, and I wanted to move forward and “learn the language of wine.” I shimmied my way into the tasting room (dishwasher then started bussing and serving) of Silverado Vineyards and realized: This is what I want to do.

    I had to step away from all of that for a few deployments to Afghan, Iraq & Kuwait. BUT now at 25 I’m finally get back into getting my education.

    This is definitely helping me do some studying before I start school next semester for Enology. Thank you.

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