Michigan’s Transformation Into A Wine Destination

Michigan’s Transformation Into A Wine Destination
Michigan has established itself as a wine destination, and Michigan State University has played a pivotal role in all aspects of the industry’s growth.

As Michigan’s leaves hit peak color, residents and tourists alike travel the state snapping photos of blazing trees and visiting the growing number of vineyards. Today, Michigan is ranked as the nation’s fourth-largest grape producer with a burgeoning industry of wine-grape growers and vineyards. But back in the 1970s, the majority of the state’s vineyards were dedicated to juice-grape production.

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  1. Michael Psarouthakis says:

    Excellent and agree with the positive news, we had a fantastic time touring some Michigan wineries a few months ago, the wine was excellent, wineries and views were stunningly beautiful.

  2. lmackimageslimited says:

    Many thanks to these experts and to the MSU students for all of your great efforts. They have paid off in numerous ways; most specifically, a great and much-needed Michigan industry and, from my perspective, an incredible photographic experience. Keep up the wonderful work. Cheers!

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