Mike Pence: Wine, Dine And Reset Gender Norms To ’69

Mike Pence: Wine, Dine And Reset Gender Norms To ’69
Stephen takes a big, juicy bite into the news that Mike Pence refuses to dine alone with women who aren’t his wife.

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  1. Randall Goguen says:

    “Putin is a dictator” Did he declare himself “Leader of the Free World” without any election and holds that position with military power? …. oh wait. Even more American hypocrisy.

  2. Q-tip says:

    5:00 Apparently, Mr. Colbert thinks Pence is weird for practicing moderation around alcohol and being careful around women other than the one he is married to. If that is the case, why doesn’t he make fun of Muslims for not consuming alcohol at all? I assume Colbert also messes around outside his marriage. /s

    This is a ridiculous double standard. Our VP has set a reasonable guardrail in is life to save him any potential trouble that 1) drinking and 2) doing so around women other than his wife may cause and you make fun of it? How backwards is that?

  3. cjayem013 says:

    “(Mike Pence) never eats alone with a woman other than his wife…”

    lol If he’s eating with ANY woman, then he isn’t alone..

  4. pencewins says:

    I am from Indiana and it is not considered socially acceptable here for a married man to be seen wining and dining or even entertaining other women without the spouse present. What family values you have lost in other cities and states still stand here. No matter how much loyalty a group of corporations and lobbyists has for you, they do not love you, and they value cooperation over individuality. Remember that before you go out and act like ‘the man’ in front of a bunch of ho’s, since it’s not as if lobbyists are ethically against promoting the after party (Alec*)

  5. David Gribble says:

    oh come on Colbert you realize how easy it would be for a women to claim sexual harassment even if it never happened. Pence is smart to have is wife as a shield against such a risk. Its common even in business to keep the door open when alone with a women.

  6. Daniel Ortman says:

    Pence is old fashioned, Trump is a timeless asshole. I hope Pence is our president before the year is out.

  7. daniel job says:

    Does anyone know if Mike Pence ever worked Russia for the CIA? Coz a lot of their agents in the 1980’s got f@%ked up by KGB ‘Starlings’!

  8. Laurence Goldkamp says:

    Stephen, if you went to my Catholic parish I’d share a word or two with you about how you belittled Mikes fidelity to his wife. God forbid a married man protects himself against the vultures of Washington DC

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