Moldovan Winery Thanks Norwegian Consumers In … Norwegian | Purcari | Takk, Norge!

Moldovan Winery Thanks Norwegian Consumers In … Norwegian | Purcari | Takk, Norge!
Following the Russian embargo on Moldovan wines, we have been vigorously developing new export markets. Norway is one such market. We were humbled to be included in the wine selection of Vinmonopolet, the Norwegian state wine distribution monopoly and one of the largest wine buyers in the world (despite a population of only 5 million, Norway imports more than half as much wine as Russia in USD terms!) To that end, we wanted to thank the people of Norway for their support. And we did so … in Norwegian. #takknorge

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  1. Achw3l says:

    Aww :3 I will definitely be on the lookout for Purcari wines next time I’m at Vinmonopolet. This made me proud to be Norwegian hehe 8)

  2. Gabi G says:

    in Germania ma intreaba de ce vinurile moldovenesti nu pot fi gasite in magazine??? Purcari faceti ceva!!!

  3. Эдуард Арнаутов says:

    Лет ми спик фром май харт. Бай май вайн. Плиз.

  4. Центр Соц.служб says:

    There are tears in my eyes after this video…   :о)  Wonderful video!

  5. Storm BY says:

    Молодцы, что те, что другие. А кацапы пусть вместо вина хуй со стекломоем сосут.

  6. Nikolai O says:

    “Etterspørselen er svært liten. I fjor ble det solgt kun 2.476 liter “- Даже если прибыль составила 10$ с литра, то вряд ли она покрыла расходы на вход в Винмонополет. Убыточно продавать вино в Норвегии?

  7. shtolcers says:

    I am Latvian and this year I was in Moldova and tried Negru de Purcari. It was a prefect addition to steak and I’d like it very much to buy it here in Latvia.
    Anyway, I hope more and more people all over the world get to try Moldovan wines and help strengthening Moldovan economy 😉

  8. Елена Бектораш says:

    Moldova is a verry nice and green country Nice People Good Wines and more!!! RESPECT Multumesk Frumos !!!

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