Moving The Winery To New Jersey

Relocating Winery and Tasting Room To NJ

new jersey wines

We are excited to announce that we officially moved one of our micro wineries to New Jersey. We have set up a new tasting room with weekly tastings and food pairings for the foodie folks of New Jersey. If you are familiar with out wine selections then you know how exciting this is, if you have never tasted our wines then prepare yourself for a treat!

In my next blog I will get into a little more detail about the foods and especially the cheeses that will be served with out pairings. In this post however I want to give a special shout out to the guys that helped us move truck loads of fragile wine bottles across the state. Not only did we need to move the wine barrels, fermentation equipment, tasting room furniture and decor, but we had hundreds of cases of our finest red wines that needed to be transported to New Jersey without breaking and without being in the heat for very long. We searched for moving companies in New Jersey and finally found a group that was willing to take on the challenge. Needless to say, the move was a success and not a single bottle of wine was broken in the process. We were thrilled with the professionalism that this team displayed during the move. Not only did they transport the wine but they unloaded it all into our cellar without an issue.

New Jersey is slowly becoming a hot spot for food and wine connoisseurs and we hope that our move will encourage other wineries, breweries, and talented Chefs to relocate here as well. If you are a Chef coming out of culinary school and are considering a move to NJ we encourage you to make the move and start cooking. The more food, the more wine, the better. There are NJ moving companies that can get you relocated without issue, give it a shot and come be a part of this up and coming community of talented brew artists and Chefs.

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