NEIL DIAMOND – Red Red Wine (Original 1968 Hit Version)

NEIL DIAMOND – Red Red Wine (Original 1968 Hit Version)
Got a request from a subscriber who said they could only find live versions of this song, and wanted the original 1968 studio track. Well, here it is, so enjoy!

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  1. cruzncrow says:

    Woho! Takes me back, way back to my favorite Nite-club cheating on my age of 18, sayin I was 21along with D rest of D dudes N chicks! Hahaha!  Oh whatta life > Thank you GOD 4D BEAUTIFUL 60’s! WOOHOOO !!!

  2. Stephen Potts says:

    Was recorded and release in 1967 on “Just For You”. The version which Charted in 1968 was a re-release by his record company with a new arrangement.

  3. Chris Paws says:

    i like the original 78 version by Jelly Roll Morton, although I believe it was first written by Cher, in 1832

  4. Jorge C Sanz says:

    Cuando Neil compuso esta cancion ya estaba pensando que UB40 la tocarían como debía ser, vamos, que la escribio para ellos jajajaja

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