NJ Movers Hired To Relocate Wine Collection

Wine Collection In New Jersey Is Moved By Local Relocation Company

NJ MoversAn eclectic collection of vintage wines has been transferred from a New York wine cellar to a cellar in Newark by a team of NJ Movers. The wine collection included wines from all over the world, with some bottles exceeding $10,000 dollars in value. The entire collection was estimated to be worth over 8 million dollars. The NJ Moving company was not responsible for the packaging and crating of the bottles, but did load the trucks and unload the trucks. There were approximately 193 crates moved from the New York cellar to the New Jersey cellar.

Vintage Wine Collections On The Rise

vintage wine collectionIt’s becoming more common for collections like these to exist, it’s also becoming something that is attracting a younger audience with money that wants to learn how to collect vintage wines. Learning which wines to collect can be the biggest obstacle for new collectors. Like any fine collection, knowing what you want and how to get it is the first part, the next step is learning how to properly store the items. Wines, for example, require certain temperatures and lighting conditions, while sports cards and stamp collections have their own requirements. Properly caring for your collection should be a major priority to not only retain resell value but increase the value of the collection if plan on selling it in the future. It is also important to watch out for fraudulent wine sellers.

New Jersey Wineries

New Jersey wineries are on the rise, more locals are gravitating towards the appeal of growing and producing wines on local soil. Collectors are hiring NJ movers to pick up and transport large orders.

Here are some of the Best Wineries in New Jersey:

• Willow Creek Winery and Farm

• White Horse Winery

• Valenzano Family Winery

• Sharrott Winery

• Renault Winery

• Plagido’s Winery

• Unionville Vineyards

• South Jersey Wine Trail

• DiMatteo Winery

• Coda Rossa Winery

• Beneduce Vineyards


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