Obama Mocks Trump Steaks, Wine

Obama Mocks Trump Steaks, Wine
President Obama mocked Donald Trump and the GOP at a Democratic fundraiser in Austin, Texas.

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  1. teresa chevalier says:

    I love you president Obama your the best you are beautiful and the First Lady Michelle is so beautiful too nobody is going to forget you I wish you or Michelle Bernie be The governor of Puerto Rivo even

  2. TDMB says:

    I love how all it takes is an unpopular candidate for a very unpopular president to completely turn a 180 and become the apple in the eye of the public.

    God damn, I love the United States.

  3. Jeanice Bartzen says:

    because Obama surrounded himself with liberals he grew arrogant and out of touch with the American people. it’s sad to watch really, how humiliting I really hope this has humbled him, it’s this kind of narcissism that lit a fire under those like myself to go vote for Trump. shame on you cnn you’re a disgrace, I hope your ratings plummet your stocks dive and then see cnn sell out to fox firing every last news anchor when they do. shame on ALL OF YOU!

  4. Xxohoo says:

    Well now that Trump got a lectern like this I’m excited for what this f*ckin Idiot is goin to talk about and do with this!

  5. Mike Aldila says:

    Boy oh boy! I wonder if this idiot regrets any of his simpleton and nasty attacks on Trump. What a *COMPLETE AND UTTER FOOL HE MADE OF HIMSELF*. You Obama, have set a *new low* where past and future President’s never went and never will go. History will judge you as a complete failure and I hope that *COMMUNITY ORGANIZERS* are never again able to con themselves into the white House. *All the jokes are now on you but you are too stupid to realize this simple fact*.

  6. Eve Lynn says:

    I would take some very REAL Trump steaks over the SMOKE AND MIRRORS Obama sells any day of the week.

  7. miguelisms says:

    And you sellin lies you piece of shit!! And I thought Bush was a fuckin lying piece of shit! But this fuckin ,marxist,commie radical, black panther party picture taken asshole would have you believe otherwise. Obozo thanks for 20 trillion debt, so fiscally responsible. He even outdid fuckin Bush on that one, whom he criticized during his 2008 campaign. Signed more EOs than any prez in history. Outdid Bush there too! And should face war crimes for his proxy drone war in more than 7 middle east countries, killing innnocent civilians.

  8. joe smith says:

    Obama is so phony. All he ever was was a song and dance man. To keep the public asleep while his handlers robbed them blind and bombed more brown muslims.

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