‘Ode To Joy’ Flash Mob At HALL Wines – Auction Napa Valley 2015

‘Ode To Joy’ Flash Mob At HALL Wines – Auction Napa Valley 2015
HALL Wines was honored to host the 2015 Auction Napa Valley Barrel Auction this year at our winery in St. Helena. In partnership with Festival Del Sole, we were able to share a joyous surprise with our guests! An Ode to Joy Flash Mob, featuring 40 musicians and 40 vocalists delighted auction goers on Friday, June 5th.

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  1. Wine Industry Network says:

    Pretty awesome flash mob at +HALL Winery¬†– but that’s how they roll at Auction Napa Valley.

  2. Lisa Layne says:

    This brands continues to amaze me and it starts with the wine, their annual harvest party, the art collection….. def a must see & sip spot. All roads lead to HALL.

  3. Mark Buckley says:

    Very creative. The logistics on this must have been tricky. Great job to all the musicians and production crew!

  4. HowToMakeAlmostAnything says:

    Americans are so uncivilized and selfish that they would not stop talking even for 2 minutes to at least allow others to hear the performance. Compare this one to the European flash mobs of Ode of Joy and see the difference for yourself.

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