Old Spitalfields Market London Shopping, Food, Drink + Vagabond Wines

Old Spitalfields Market London Shopping, Food, Drink + Vagabond Wines
Vlogmas Day 17 – On vlogmas 2015 Day 17 I visit London’s Spitalfields Market. I try a glass of wine at an amazing wine bar called Vagabond wines, an espresso from The department of coffee and social affairs, A mince pie voted the best in London at Konditor & cook and also do a little Christmas shopping at this unique London market.

Equipment Used to produce this film:
– Canon PowerShot G7X
– Manfrotto Befree Travel Camera Tripod
– Manfrotto PIXI Mini Travel Camera Tripod
– Blue yeti USB microphone

Edited Using:
– Apple MacBook Pro
– Apple Final Cut Pro X

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  1. Anticapitalist X says:

    Thank you for giving us a great vicarious experience through your video. I like the Vagabond wine place where it gives you the opportunity to sample wine without having to pay for the whole bottle. That way one gets to sample more varieties of wine without having to break one’s bank to do so.

  2. Meg McAllister says:

    Enjoying your vlogs, will have to check out Vagabonds when I move back to London in February. Have a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year, Robert.

  3. Sadie C says:

    Don’t scare me like that, nearly no Toodles! Yikes! Great vlog, and now I have to add Vagabonds to my Places To Visit Next Time! :O)

  4. robert white says:

    Another new place to visit and never heard of it. Love that wine bar as well and such a great concept. Hope you and Chloe are feeling better with each passing day. Also London use to close down late on the 24th and stay closed down(trains and all)until the 27th when all the big sales start? It is still like that or like a lot of business in the US are opening now on Xmas day! That is too bad,there is almost no family time anymore?

  5. Trish Ratna says:

    I don’t drink but I will be sharing this vlog with my friends, I think they will like to check out Vagabond wines. Thanks goodness you didn’t forget “toodles”, it wouldn’t be a Roberts London vlog had you forgot. That’s your signature! I’m checking Old Spitalfields Market’s website, I hope I have time in my schedule to go there. The place looks really nice. Thanks again for a great upload Robert!

  6. Julia Nordstrom says:

    Loving your Vlogmas….Don’t think we will have time to squeeze it all in but plan to visit Vagabond Wines, Camdan Market and a few other places you featured. Thanks for putting in all the time and energy to promote your city! Can’t wait to see it in person in just a couple days, coming from Southern California to spend the holidays in the UK.

  7. Daniel Hammond says:

    Most of all, I regret what they did to Covent Garden. The market provided a splendid antidote to the Opera House. If you read books from and about the days when the Covent Garden market was still authentic, the wonderful juxtaposition of the two forces, High Art and Food Vendors, was part of the Spirit of the Place. Joan Sutherland’s autobiography only has a paragraph or so about it, but that paragraph is priceless for its evocation of a lost place and time. I do not believe it is reasonable to hope that cities will never change. Many changes are improvements after all. I would not want to live in the Hogarthian squalor of the Georgians, however beautiful their architecture. The great achievement of modern town planning is the flush lavatory. (Granted, they were invented by the Victorians, but it was well into the twentieth century before they became widely available.) Cities in those days were just not hygienic enough for me. But there is a point of balance. It has been lost. I am prattling on again. Sorry. Daniel.

  8. Eliza Eidson says:

    I’ll be in London next week! This market is now on my list of places to visit! Thanks for the vlog!

  9. Jekaterina Subina says:

    I love all your videos about London, please continue filming , I am living in London for almost 12 years now but your videos are amazing and give a lot of new information

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