Open A Wine Bottle With House Keys

Open A Wine Bottle With House Keys
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  1. jalisa cutler says:

    Dude I friggin love you. Your accent, your hacks, all of it. You’re just fantastic.
    Also, it’s often called a wine key in America

  2. Bill Westlund says:

    I have been doing this for years. I can’t believe that it is going crazy on the tube now. Some of us have known this for a very long time and have never bought a Cork Screw for any reason except tapping sap our of Maple trees…

  3. 80scorpio80 says:

    I tried this on about 10 or 11 bottles. All it done was wreck the cork…..

    I’m also banned from Tescos!

  4. cristian chavez says:

    My bony lady hands and arms aren’t strong enough to push the key into the cork…and omg the bottle of wine I’m trying to open is the exact same wine in this video, what a coincidence

  5. Thomas Purvey says:

    Just answered my prayers sitting in my hotel room with a bottle of Rioja no cork screw just opened it, Saved by Ivan again, Cheers.

  6. Masa Fulgur says:

    you’re a god damn wizard. literally just tried this since i never had wine or a corckscrew before. the cork is a bit messed up on the top but it came out!

    ps my hands hurt DX

  7. Mikee Quitalig says:

    Wew its laboratory!! Thats what he says. After watching his videos multiple times i finally know what he is saying everytime he starts the video.

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